And For The Win

The last week has been a week of up and downs. I had three midterms this past week, physics, calculus and chemistry in that order. They were far from fun and I realized that I started studying for this set of exams far to late. Luckily we didn’t really have any assignments due during the course of the week however. The professors are still pretty decent in that respect. Reasonable all of them. Of course they’ve started up again already and I have a calculus, a chemistry, and a physics assignment all due in the next week. In addition, I have a huge technical report to do for our GENE (general engineering) class. That’s a pretty intense little paper that I’ll have to write. It’s going to be in the range of 15-20 pages and it’s just plain rough.

So my week. After the programming exam the previous week, I didn’t feel too good about any of the upcoming exams, but it made me work harder. It’s always a nice feeling when you get totally raped by an exam and all of a sudden you realise you’re not all knowing and all powerful. It’s been rough for me. After doing do well in high school, the sudden trouble I’ve been having is very unsettling to the mind. I’ve been having a lot more troubled sleeps that I’ve had in a long time. But on the other hand, I’ve been somewhat spurred on to work harder. Humbling experiences have a tendency to do that to you.

I studied like a madman for calculus and the exam came and went quite smoothly. There was one question that I didn’t really get but I put something down and hopefully the part marks’ll roll in for that. Generally speaking however, it was a lot easier than it could have been and I did fairly well I’m sure because I prepared better for it.

We had physics on Thursday, which was possibly the exam I felt the worse going into. Unfortunately, coming out didn’t feel much better. I got totally destroyed on the first question and had a very rough time on the second one which threw my moral out the window without a second look. I finally regained my footing about half way into the exam which meant I just didn’t have it in me to make up entirely for it. As a result, I don’t think I did so hot on that exam, but hopefully I passed it. Yeah, after that programming exam, passing’s pretty good. Oh I found out today this year’s physics midterm average. Last year’s was 39%. This year’s is a solid 1% better at 40%. So I’m definitely not looking forward to getting that one back. However try as I might, I can’t change it now. I don’t really understand why the professors bother to make it so rediculously difficult only to bell curve it later. Why don’t they make it a little easier. It’s not like letting us get 50% on it and then bell curving it to 85% really means we know 85% of the material. Anyways, whatever.

Chemistry was our last midterm and was situated on a Saturday morning at 10AM. Basically, I had spent all my time and energies on the first four exams and I had left chemistry to the last day. I had Friday to study and that was about it. So I’ve been sitting by this girl in all my classes and it’s been somewhat difficult to concentrate on the actual material in class. So that’s just plain terrible and I know it’s probably wrong that I still sit with her all the time, but as of yet, I’ve been unable to really discipline myself for that. She’s a ton of fun and definitely makes some of those seemingly unbearable lectures more bearable. In any case, I don’t blame her one bit. She knows when to be serious and get to work which is pretty awesome. So with that said and out of the way, you can see what I haven’t really picked up on the stuff we’ve been learning as quickly as I’d like to. Essentially, I had 1 day to review all the stuff we had learned from the beginning of the year in chemistry. Now we’ve done quite a lot on gases, stuff I’ve never even seen before so I couldn’t use common sense. If you didn’t know how to use the formulas, well you were pretty much SOL. I stayed up pretty late that night studying away, but I still got enough sleep. After all, it’s no good to know your stuff but be falling asleep halfway through the exam.

In the end I did very well on that exam. I think I got either 10 or 11 out of 11, which I’m very excited about. Perhaps that’ll make up for the total utter disappointment I’ll most likely have for my programming and physics exams. We also get our Linear Algebra exams back tomorrow (more than likely) so I’m hoping that goes okay.

So clearly after the exams were done and over with, we had to let loose a bit. No, I didn’t drink if that’s what you’re thinking. However the place I was at was as drunk as anything I’ve ever been to. A bunch of jock guys getting plastered. Actually a lot of fun in general. That girl that I sit with in class, wow can she ever hold her alcohol. She’d definitely put me to shame and probably half the guys back on PEI as well. Without a doubt better than Mike at least (*poke*). So anyways, that was pretty entertaining. Plus we got to watch Toronto as they got totally bent over by the Sens. 8-0. Yeah, booyah. And I’ve been playing Final Fantasy VII. I played Final Fantasy VIII back in the day but didn’t really get into it. Then one day for no reason really I had this werid urge to play Final Fantasy again so I asked a few guys here at res and they recommended FF VII to me, mainly cause that was the most popular one and the one they had. I absolutely suck at it so far, but I’m learning. These RPGs are damn complicated. 😉

Oh almost forgot to mention, I bought that 5th Gen iPod that I promised you I’d buy. Yeah, what I mean by promise anyways… Well, I saw a guy in class on Friday with it and it was like total sex so, clearly I just had to get it now. Yeah, my Zen Micro bit the dust right so I think I’m entitled to a new MP3 player. I’ll be sure to write up a review of it as soon as I get it (as long as I don’t have like 10 assignments to do). I got a black 30GB with ‘nfiniti plus one’ on the back in case you care. For some reason the title of this site is really growing on me. For the while I used my classmate’s iPod, I really liked it. It felt very slick and the thinness. Ooooo the thinness. Plus the screen is just dead gorgeous. Sounds like I’m talking about a hot girl or something huh?

Well, that’s about it for now. I like promise I’ll write more and since I’m done of exams, I don’t even have a half decent excuse to give you for not. So be sure to check back once in a while and I’m sorry to all those people I’ve been neglecting to keep in contact with during the past couple weeks. I’m really sorry but around here time is marks (not money) apparently.


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  1. I have seen three concerts in the last two days that I have been in Vienna. The rest of the time I spent bumming around Vienna drinking coffee and taking pictures. Man life is tough:P

    Well, I’m off to a Jazz concert so I better head. Take it easy.


  2. Allow me to smack you. I hate your life. =P

    I’m done of midterms though and I’ve gotten 3 90%+ so far… The other two are the worst though, programming and physics. I failed at least one I’m pretty sure.

  3. SICK +90 thats awesome Chuck. Congrats. I somehow doubt you failed if you got 90s on your others…although you may not have gotten 90:)

    BTW…Dave Douglas is AWESOME!!!

  4. Sitting in ECE150 (programming) lab after just finding out my midterm score. A wicked 43%… Yeah. Nice spread huh? Only like half as well as all my other ones so far. And then physics tomorrow. This is gonna be a damn fun week.

    Group suicide anyone? kthxbye

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