Anand is leaving AnandTech and tech publishing, as of today. It’s a great loss to the industry, as more than ever, tech media trends towards diminishing quality, higher quantity, sensationalist reporting of the latest fad and gossip coming out of the community. AnandTech has largely remained a shining North star of depth and quality in face of this.

To me, it’s also personal. AnandTech played a significant part in cultivating my early interest in computers, particularly DIY builds and overclocking. In fact, one of the first technology articles I ever read was the AnandTech review of the ATi All-in-Wonder Radeon, as I did research for my first piece of unassembled computer, ever. That was almost exactly 14 years ago, to the day, as an early teenager. I’ve been on the bandwagon, ever since.

While Anand, himself, has published a smaller proportion of the content at AnandTech, the level of investigatory due diligence and technical excellence he expected his team to uphold has made it my favorite technology discussion and review site on the web.

I’m excited to see what Anand applies himself to, next. It was an honour to have bumped into him (and Brian Klug) at IDF2013 in San Francisco. I distinctly recall our conversation on his view of consolidation in the silicon space, discussing Samsung, MediaTek, and, obviously, Intel’s future. Anand, I hope you remain in technology, and I get a chance to pick your brain, again!


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