An Addition and A Release

I’ve now released this Hemmed theme I’m using for my blogs publicly. There was actually some interest in the theme, which made me feel awfully nice. ) I cleaned up the code slightly and made sure everything was in order today. Hope you enjoy it.

I’ve also added live commenting to the blogs here. It’s a little rough still and I’m working out any quirks. Hopefully I’ll have that working as expected by the end of this weekend. I also did a very, very early test of the LiveSearch on a test server. That definitely didn’t go as well as the live commenting. Still it was more successful than any previous attempt has gone so it’s encouraging. I also had an idea to shorten up the sidebar by moving the archives and categories to another location. You’ll just have to wait and see what I’ve got planned for that though. )

I spent some time last night searching up some domain name registrars to get a .ca name from. Unfortunately, I realized that I won’t really be able to move this site over to a new domain without first getting rid of this one. The hosting I had only allows one domain name at a time. As a result, any links pointing to this domain would be lost and search engine rankings have to be restarted. That’s definitely not something I want. So, it looks like I’ll be sticking with this domain until I get a new host at the very least. HostGator has been great so far so I don’t really see a need to switch hosts. I’m definitely not going to just because I can’t switch domain names easily.

And anyways nfiniti’s not that bad. P


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  1. Dear Charly, I am doing some make up modifications to your theme. One thing I notice is that you have Ajax installed on this one, but the one I got does not have. Where can I get the Ajax version of your theme?

    Also, the site I will apply this theme and wordpress is located at for now and the main site is still running phpnuke and as soon as I get the site all configure; I will nuke phpnuke 😉 I hope you can point in the right direction. I had to add a ramdon banner and maybe a ramdon quote.

    Thanks for such elegant and simple-looking theme. I hope you don’t die after you see the modifications.

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