Finally, Amalgam is now ready to go public. I spent some time polishing it off, including cleaning up the CSS stylesheet so that it’s organized in a somewhat sane way. The theme also validates as XHTML Transitional if that matters to you. This is a clean and quiet theme, no loud colors here. The sidebar is divided into ‘boxes’, each containing one piece of content.


So far, Extended Live Archives, recent comments and a theme switcher are the only plugins supported. If you choose not to use these plugins, the ELA is replaced with archive and category modules. The other two modules just don’t show up if not available. The expandable boxes are scripted with some simple Javascript which should be easily adaptable to any other sidebar modules you want.

I have to thank Khaled Abou Alfa and Joshua for their template, Rin. As you can see, this template shares some similarities with that theme. It was the inspiration for my first crack at this WordPress theming thing. This is still very much a work in progress and I have some ideas I will implement. If you have any comments or opinions, feel free to speak up. I’d appreciate any constructive criticism!

This theme has been tested to work in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Konqueror and Opera. I haven’t tested any other browsers, so if anyone’s reading this from a different browser, I’d appreciate a word or two about any problems or lack thereof.

I’ve created two versions of this theme. One is optimized for 1024×768 resolution while the other is suited for 800×600. The demos are here.


Here’s the change log if you’re curious as to what’s been fixed/added.

Version 1.0.9 (April 2, 2006) Fixed up a few visual issues. (mostly in the comments form)

Hope you enjoy the theme.


11 Replies to “Amalgam”

  1. First of all, congratulations. You really did a wonderful job with that theme.
    I need a helping-hand. I’d like to include a “home” link in the links/search bar. As you may be able to see in my website I’ve got already “Tutoriales” and “Sobre este proyecto”, but, though I tried, It seems that I don’t know enough to change that part editing the template. Can you help me out?
    Thanks a lot,


  2. All you need to do is find the area that starts with div id=”navbar”. The code following this will determine what shows up in the navigation menu at the top. To add a link in there, do your regular hyperlinking html and enclose it between list tags (which is < li >). You should put that right before the wp_list_pages function and right after the ul tag, if you want it to show up before the rest of your pages. Or you can even remove that whole function if you don’t want your pages to show up in the navigation bar.

  3. This rules! You rule!
    I love the drop-down menus in the sidebar, and having static links up top too. Thanks for this awesome theme. I’ll be switching over soon.

    Any plans for a new one? The only thing I’d change about this one is to incorporate the more seperately delineated areas like in Wuhan. Rounded I could take or leave, but I like the way each of the posts in Wuhan are in seperate little (square) bubbles. other than that this one’s damn near perfect. Well done.

  4. Great work, I love this theme so much. I am new at this and this is really encouraging me to learn… I do have a question, how do I remove the weblog title but still have it show on the browser’s title? Does that make sense?

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