Update April 2, 2006: Added support for widgets as well as fixed a few visual issues.

Wow, I’m on quite a roll, this being my second theme in two days. It’s called Altitude if you hadn’t picked that up from the title. 😉 It’s a ‘chilly’ feeling theme with lots of light blues and whites. It’s again quite relaxed as that’s what I sort of aim for in most of the themes I’ve created so far.

Altitude theme

It’s once again optimized for 800×600 screens and is two columns. There’s support for ELA, a theme switcher and recent comments as per usual. The demo can be found here. Use one of the following links to download to your heart’s content. Added support for WordPress widgets as well. (Apr 2, 2006)

Enjoy responsibly. 😉

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  1. I assume you want the flat, non-hierarchical format, in which case you just use the following as the parameter for the wp_list_cats function that can be found in sidebar.php.


    In fact, you can have a look here for all the parameters that you can use to change the look and options for displaying the categories. Hope that helps.

  2. @ Charlie

    I am using your alitude theme for a while now and I am very happy with it. Are you planning to make a 3 collum theme based on this theme in the near future ???


  3. I hadn’t really planned on doing that, but if I get some time I can perhaps whip that up. University in the summer is not fun let me tell you.

  4. If you can do that it will be great. Now I need to choose wether to change to new three collum theme or stay witht altitude. last i prefer but I badly need three collums…



  5. As you already stated, this theme is optimized for a 800×600 screen resolution. Are you planning to adapt it to 1024×768? I like your theme quite a lot and I’ve planned on using it. However, I think most of the people already use at least 1024×768, so that’s keeping me back.
    I’ll stay tuned awaiting for any news.
    Thanks for sharing your theme.


  6. I made my first post with the theme. It looks very nice but on the right column everything from “about” to “Comment RSS” got moved to the very bottom of the page. Can that be fixed?


  7. Hi Charlie, I love the Altitude theme as well–thank you! I customized it a bit on my site and hope you don’t mind that. I seem to have the same problem as Lisa. As soon as I posted two blog entries, the whole sidebar was kicked down to the bottom of the page. I do not see this problem with Firefox, but it is bad in Internet Exploder. if you want to check it out.

  8. Hey, thanks for the comment. 🙂 I think I know what’s going on with the sidebar, and the break in the header of the second post there. The way I have the footer of each post entry designed, it has a limited height area. As you can see, the number of categories has pushed that footer line to more than a single line. As a result, all the div layers get distorted. Firefox seems to be able to handle this a little better than IE, but in either case, the theme wasn’t designed with that in mind; I’ll admit, I overlooked the fact that the footer could be much longer than the single line I allowed it. Please try shortening the number of categories and see if that solves the problem. It’s not very likely short of a redesign of the footer that the problem can be solved. I’ve used a fixed background image for the footer of each entry and that would have to be changed as well to allow for the variable length of foothers.
    Sorry about that.

  9. Charlie, thanks so much for looking at my site and giving me an answer–and so fast! I really appreciate it. For now I will take your advice and shorten the categories. I love the theme, put a lot of totally novice work into customizing it (red for the editor’s pen), and want to keep on using it.

    Thanks again!

    I just noticed your Live Comment Preview feature here. If you have time for one more question–this is a feature I’d like to use at my site as well, and I downloaded a plugin for it. The plugin came with directions to insert a certain line of code into wp-comments.php, but a) my wordpress only has wp-comments-post.php and wp-comments-popup.php, not wp-comments.php and b) I don’t know exactly where to insert the line of code. If you could give me some hints I’d appreciate it; I understand if you are too busy for more tech support for a stranger. 🙂

  10. Update: I shortened the comment on the footer-offending post and shortened the title on the header-offending post, but the sidebar still falls to the bottom in Explorer. Doh!

  11. Haha, the only reason I reply so quickly is because I have the comments forwarded to my emails, so I’m usually on top of any issues people may have. 🙂

    I took a look at your site again and I can’t really see what could possibly be wrong. I even changed my theme on my main blog to Altitude and I didn’t notice any problems in IE. I don’t want to say it, but maybe you could have a run through your modifications, comparing them to the original code I have there. I have a feeling there are some div widths getting messed up a bit. You could even try playing with the margins or width of the sidebar to see if you can make it reappear at the top of the page. At least that’ll indicate whether that’s the problem or not.

    As for the Live Comment Preview, I used the steps outlined here. I didn’t have to modify anything other than a few lines in the comments.php file.

    Good luck!

  12. Aha! I see you’ve already done the (square) bubble thing. I hadn’t seen this when I posted my comment on Amalgam. This is a real nice theme too. You’re making my decision more difficult….

  13. Haha, glad you like them. 🙂 Actually I will be working on some more WordPress stuff this coming semester. I’m on my work term so I’ll definitely have more time than last semester when I was at school. I’ve got some ideas just waiting to be put down in code. I can hardly wait!

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