Allard – Decide. Change. Reinvent.

Robbie Back and James “J”Allard are leaving Microsoft later this year, with Robbie Bach retiring and J Allard serving as a special consultant to Ballmer on some initiatives starting this fall. Allard’s parting email to the “Tribe” is an interesting and motivational piece. I too hope to make change happen, both within and outside the company, but it’s going to take many long years of work before I have the knowledge or experience.


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  1. My friend; don’t underestimate your ability to make change now. All too often we wait for the holy trinity of experience, knowledge and wealth to create “the change we dream of”. However, knowledge, experience and wealth can serve to blind us to the necessity of often vital changes in an organization or community. Don’t let a lack of experience or knowledge hinder your motivation to make change – freedom from thinking inside the boxes of learned experience and accepted practice (i.e. knowledge) is a rare opportunity. It may be an uphill struggle, but learning and gaining experience through change would seem to provide more possibilities than quietly observing the status quo.

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