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Apparently all those commercials about the Mr. Clean “Magic Eraser” are true. The first time I heard about its effects was over at Ars Technica about a week ago. Jeff Smykil posted about the wonders it performed on the discolored palm rests of his iBook.

Of course, I became interested. Many laptops today can get discolored palm rests, not just the white iBooks/MacBooks. Sure, the dark spots show up easily on the white construction, but I got some of the same on my ASUS Z71V. I had tried cleaning it before with a 50/50 mix of pure isopropyl alcohol and distilled water, but got no where.

So after reading about the Magic Eraser, I went out and picked up a box of two  and gave it a test run. My oh my, this thing feels like a different laptop now. It took a hell of a lot of scrubbing and I noticed that it really took a lot of force on an area to clean it properly. I didn’t have much time (cleaned it a bit while I was taking a break from preparing the presentation for work) so it’s only half done. As a result, there are some weird looking patterns on the palm rests; you can see where I really forced my fingers on the spongy block.

Discolored palm rests? No problem. Get that Magic Eraser going! (I’m looking at you, Rene.)

I’ve got 5 days left of work at Bell Mobility. It’s been a pretty tough last month or so. I worked on a presentation I’ll be giving this coming Tuesday all weekend. Hopefully I won’t get grilled as bad as I did during my last presentation.


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  1. Hey Charlie! Guess where I’m typing this from! That’s right… My Wii! It’s a bit cumbersome however, so I’ll stop here.
    Pretty cool though eh?

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