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What does that word mean to you? I’ve always connected that name with internet ads for some reason. They are “the global leader in distributed computing solutions and services”. That I basically take as ads and e-commerce. But they’re more than that really. I was recently surfing some sites, in particular Yahoo and Apple and I noticed that I had used the Firefox Adblock to block out all *.akamai.* sites since it was cutting down a lot on the ads floating around. However, it totally broke the Apple store, since it runs almost completely on Akamai. So I delved deeper into the company and found some very interesting facts. I probably can’t say it any better than their facts *cough*propaganda*cough* page, but they do claim they deliver on average 10-20% of the world’s daily internet traffic. That’s very impressive to say the least. I’m also compiled a small list from their vast number of customers. Some of them may surprise you:

  • Yahoo
  • Apple
  • Audi
  • Fujitsu
  • IBM
  • CBC

As you can see, all sorts of companies use Akamai’s technology. It’s also a very fast growing company. Although well shy of its $300 stock price set back in the dot-com boom days, the past year has been great to the company, seeing its stock price rise from around $10 to around a high of $26+ where it’s sitting right now.

Why am I talking about this company seemingly out of the blue? Well, I’ve been getting more and more into this internet business and with its position right now and the evolution of the internet as a medium of communications, I can’t see anywhere Akamai would go but up. Or perhaps someone like Google or Microsoft will buy them out. There’s money to be made in the e-commerce/advertising world as eBay and Google would show you. Keep an eye on this one.

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