It’s getting late here and I have to get up at like 6:30 tomorrow morning to make it to Waterloo in time for the start of the Student Life 101 day. I’ve just realized that I haven’t filled out my residence contract which I was meaning to take to Waterloo. Oops.

I was doing some research on the books that I will be needing for the coming term’s classes. Well I tallied up the costs and lo and behold, I was was greeted with over $700 worth of books. That’s only for this term too. Well, I knew I would be spending about that much, but it’s so much more real when you actually see the number laid out in front of you, knowing you’ll have to shell out that much within a month or so. Better be worth it I say. 😉

I played the piano the other day for the first time since I moved here. I can’t say I’m happy with that. I should’ve played more. I’ve forgotten how much of an enjoyment it has become. I used to despise sitting down in front of the piano plunking away at the keys. I don’t know when or why it changed, but it seemed to become so much easier to sit down, open up a book and just play. To say the least, I was a little rusty around the edges, but it was kind of surprising how quickly it all came back. Sure I can no longer memorize the pieces that I haven’t played in a few months but opening up the book to the right page made all the difference. Soon I was making music again. Everything was at my fingertips. Quite the feeling I tell you. It was also the first time I played some classical piano in probably two months. During my last while on PEI, I played only jazz due to the combo and all. I never really had the chance to play some classical piano because the piano was on the moving truck ever since the end of May. I’ll definitely have to play more in the coming days. Maybe even learn a new tune or two. Definitely wouldn’t hurt me to actually get down to work on something.

Which reminds me. I want to try something new with this blog. I’ve used templates I’ve found around the web and at most modified it a little to create a small feeling of personalization. Well, I’m going to set out to create a template for this blog from scratch with the use of Photoshop. I’ve found a few good tutorials for Photoshop (I was always pretty weak in digital graphics, something I want to rectify) so I’ll need to do some reading. I’m going to go through the Blogger help files as well to see if I can’t get a better understanding of just how they tag this whole template system and exactly how it’s set up. I want to do some different things with this template. No more generic crap for me. It’ll be good for my creativity too. I’ll need to be more than just a brain crunching numbers in university. An upgrade to my imagination could be useful.

I’ve also got to give this laptop a nice formatting. It’s the first install and I didn’t really know what apps I really needed for proper laptop usage. Needless to say I’ve crammed the hard drive full of pretty useless junk that’s taking up system resources. Not that I don’t have any to spare. It’s quite quick still, but I just hate the feeling that it’s not as organized, clean, efficient as it could be. So I’ll have to reformat and reinstall. I cringe at the thought though since I’ll have to make a backup of the system, again. It seems like I backup my computers every time I reinstall them only to use the backup once. Then the next time I reformat again, I realize the DVDs are out of date and I’ve got a bunch of new things that I need. So out goes two DVDs worth of data and I burn two new DVDs of backups. Eventually my hard drives gather do much useless crap from previous backups that I need to go through file by file and clean up some of the more useless stuf. Really annoying and seems like I do it too often, which I probably do. There’s really no need for me to reformat as often as I do really.

And that kind of leads me to another topic which I shall save for a post on its own. It’s rather long-winded and I would prefer to keep it separate from this. But the gist of it would be something along the lines of, I think I’m obsessive-compulsive or close to it.

Oh, as well, I’ve got a few thoughts about university and some of my aspirations and some of my worries to go along with it. Well worries in that I do think about them on occassion, but I don’t dwell on them unnecessarily. It’ll be good to get them out though. Gah, so much to write about. I’m sure I’ll have something to say about tomorrow’s day at UWaterloo. :-/


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  1. The first year is always the hardest, because it is such a HUGE leap from High School – it requires a complete re-programming of outlook, approach and attitude. Once the first semester is out of they way and you have got yourself into a groove it actually becomes a lot easier and so much more fun that High School ever was. The trick is finding the right groove and getting into it!

  2. You should do what I do and partition your hard drive into two, one main C: drive and then another drive where you store all your backups, like music, movies, apps, documents, files, etc etc. That way, when you reformat it’s all right there and you can simply point stuff to the right direction.

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