Ahem, So Here It Is

So it would seem I’ve gotten a little behind on my updating. I’ll try not to let it happen again hmmm? 😉

I spent most of this past Saturday outside, which I’m proud to say. My dad had to go to both the University of Waterloo and The University of Western Ontario to interview students for a co-op placement. One day I could be interviewed by my dad, which would be interesting to say the least. Anyways, we thought it would be a good chance for the whole family to get a better look at other areas of Ontario. Thus we set out early in the morning for London first. I didn’t want to get up this morning to go, but I’m glad I did.

Upon arriving in London, I was surprised to find that the city is actually quite large with around 350,000 inhabitants. We drove around and as is the custom with us in unknown areas we got somewhat lost. It didn’t help that we didn’t even have a map of the city of London, so we had to instead rely on a crappy little map of London we found on the Ontario provincial map. Only a few roads were actually shown so we tried to stay on them as much as we possibly could. After a few seemingly random turns, we found ourselves on Richmond Street which is what the university is off of. After looking out for a couple street numbers, we found the entrance to Western, at number 1151 Richmond Street.

The architecture of the school is quite different from what I saw at Waterloo. The buildings were old and looked very cultured. Sort of like what I had seen in the pictures of Queen’s which I was considering. To be honest, it puts to shame Waterloo’s campus. The Western campus is large with hills and lots of green. Waterloo in comparison is like a 50’s era Soviet factory city. Very utilitarian to say the least. Everything is built for usage and efficiency, but as I have found out, that’s not all life is about. Western seems to encompass its academics with aesthetics. The buildings were very pleasing to look at. Even the new ones were built on the model of the older buildings, with stone and classic architecture.

After spending a good portion of our day at Western, we set off to Waterloo. By now, the sun was blazing down and it was getting very warm. While waiting for my dad, I set off around the Waterloo campus. To be honest, I had never actually taken the chance to really walk around and take in what the university has to offer. Much like what I said previously, the school was obviously made for studies. Everything kind of looks a bit dull and drab. Hopefully the people will make it more exciting… In any case, it’s not so bad and beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?

Anywho, while in Kitchener, I requested that we drop into a local computer shop where I needed to pick something up. Yes, yes, I know that I resolved to not purchase anymore unnecessary things, but this is obviously necessary. Anyways, I got a new heatsink for the Athlon64 system. I’ll write something up later about the fun I had with that experiment…

So my parents are keeping me occupied. I’ve been playing more and more piano these days. The Black Key etude’s getting to be presentable and I’m still slaving away at the calculus. There’s some things I’ve never really bothered to think about and just took at face value when I was learning it in school. Questions like what exactly is a limit never even popped into my mind. We were told it’s just what something approaches, but that’s not a mathematical explanation. So I’m starting to learn things like that. You have to truly understand before you can apply right?

We’re also going to be building a shelf for the garage. The way I see it, the amount of stuff we’re buying (drills, table saws, etc) would cost much more than just going out and buying shelves pre-made. But no, my parents want me to develop some skills… More like I’m gonna chop my hand off with a saw or something. Oh well, it’s all for the best I’m sure.

Something escapes me and it won’t come to me no matter how hard I think. I’ll write something up later when I do.


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