Well, those problems with Firefox? Those weren’t problems with Firefox at all. Actually, it’s the RAM of the laptop going. I finally tracked down the problem after some hectic and panicked attempts to back up all of my data before the system slipped away into oblivion. I even reformatted the whole system before I found out the problem was hardware, not software. A couple minutes of memtest86 confirmed that in a big way with multiple thousand memory errors.

So, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing for a computer this coming week. I’m actually typing this on the laptop, but it crashes randomly and is generally horrible unstable. I do know one thing though; I’ll be accelerating my purchase of the remaining parts for the computer. I put in the order for the CPU (E6600) and the video card (eVGA 7900GTO 512MB, yum) yesterday and I’ll be buying the remaining two items (motherboard and heatsink) tomorrow.

Hope this computer doesn’t crash when I publish this post.


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  1. Well, I’m still using it, but it crashes every so often (quite annoying when I’m working on some work and it crashes). I do hope I can get the parts all in before the long weekend. I mean what better thing to do than spend a long weekend building computers? 😛

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