A Week Off

After toiling away at a full time job for nearly four months straight, I was undoubtedly looking forward to this one week break. Now that I’m currently in the midst of it, I can say I could not have imagined just how nice it feels. I’m sure it’d be even better if I didn’t have the shadow of this work term report hanging over me.

Speaking of work reports, I have to say it’s going fairly well. I’m glad I took this week off though. Otherwise, I’d have some major issues will finishing the report on time. I had already spent quite some time reading about the underlying technologies of various forms of wireless communications, but when I actually started writing the report body, it became clear quite quickly that I’m still just grasping at straws. So it was back to reading for me. And I thought orthogonal matrices were useless. šŸ˜› I’ve also greatly expanded my vocabulary both in technical terms and long, complex words replacing common everyday ones. When writing something of this nature, it’s always good to sound ‘intelligent’. So instead of saying something is everywhere, you’d use prevalent or ubiquitous. Clearly those words are less common and by implication are more ‘intelligent’… No, seriously, it’s just a matter of me discovering words that I don’t use every day. Then again, I don’t write technical reports every day either. (Thank god for that)

I’ve been playing a fair amount of Oblivion in recent days as well. In terms of where I am in the game, I’ve taken a few twists here and there so I haven’t been following the main quest religiously. In any case, I’m currently trying to find out where this Mythic Dawn shrine is. In terms of the overall game, I have no clue how far I really am, but I’ve (finally) got some decent weapons and armour. Still amazing but at least I don’t get destroyed by wolves in the wild anymore… (Okay, so I was never that weak, but you get my drift.) I’ve said it quite a few times already, but I’d like to reiterate that I’m not much of a RPG player. But Oblivion has really done a great job of pulling people like myself into its fold. It’s a perfect blend between a first person shooter (or … sword-er) and role playing. Most of the time, those role playing games are way too complex for simple people like me. Oblivion’s interface has been streamlined quite a lot. I don’t know what means for hardcore RPG players out there. Maybe you’ll find there’s not enough hardcore-ness in Oblivion? I don’t know. The storyline is quite enthralling and it’s definitely become one of my favorite games. I’m not looking forward to university one bit with this on the side. It’s going to be mighty distracting. I plan on writing a full review later on. No it’s not going to get into the intricacies of it really, just a gamer’s perspective.

But for now, I really must get back to my studies of WiMAX, FLASH-OFDM, and spectrum licensing. (Sounds impressive doesn’t it? ;))

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