A Vision

I talked about recently an upcoming update for the blog and site in general. I drew up some plan tonight which I’ll try to start tomorrow. While most times, sites are created with a photoshopped layout, I had to use my hands and a pencil since my photochopping skills are pretty dismal. The whole point of this new template will be to focus on lowering the number of actual graphics that need to be downloaded by heavy use of CSS. I’ve been looking through the site statistics and the gifs have the highest number of hits by far. Those gifs are coming from both the smilies in the shoutbox, which I can’t really change as well as the menu bar. So I’ll change that menu over to CSS to lighten the load a little bit. It’s not that pages are slow to load or I’m using up too much bandwidth (those gifs are tiny) I’m just using this as an opportunity to optimize the site. I’m also planning on moving over to a tri-column layout, although not with flanking sidebars but with both on the right hand side. It’ll concentrate the attention a bit and allow me to fit more information there without having to scroll down a lot. So without further ado, here are my sketches.

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