A Sad Day

Today was a pretty sad day overall due to a couple reasons.

I started off the morning with an Advanced Chem test that wasn’t exactly the best test I’ve ever written. In fact it was one of my least confident school tests in a long while. But I didn’t dwell on that for too long.

However, at lunchtime, I heard someone talking about a subject that piqued my interest. I went on over to investigate. The person was being very emotional and I managed to find out why. My last semester’s English teacher had left the school, probably for good that morning. They got both her classes in that morning where she said goodbye to them all. I was shocked out of my mind. You see she wasn’t just your normal english teacher. She was such a special person to me.

You see, there are school teachers and then there are teachers that teach you life. She was the latter.

Before I got to my first english class last semester, I had already heard that she was a good teacher. But my thoughts of a good teacher back then went something along the lines of they teach the material well. So I didn’t expect my grade 12 english class to be more about life and how to live it than grammar or spelling. We spent a lot of time having discussions and learning how to interact with others. We also investigated just what life is all about. Instead of spending (what I believe is) pointless hours greuling over grammar or whatever, we discovered the world around us. We learned to seize the moment and live our lives to the fullest as opposed to learning how to write some type of poem I can’t even pronounce.

It was sad for me to find out that she had left the school earlier that morning. I didn’t hear about it until lunch break and by then she had already gone. I regret not having had the opportunity to thank her again for all she’s done for me. In addition to all that I learned in her class, she wrote a reference letter for me that helped get me a fairly large scholarship to Queen’s University, which I will most likely be accepting. Sometimes I don’t think she realizes just how many people she’s touched in her path through life. It truly was depressing for me.

And it snowed today. WTF. It’s mid-May. What a day.



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  1. I saw her, right before she left. My teacher came into class crying, and I knew Ms. L was leaving, so I just ran to find her. Her entire class was with her, walking her to the door. I yelled her name. She turned around, and I could tell she was keeping it together a little bit, and then she just started bawling. We hugged and cried and hugged and cried and then she was gone. Not a turn back.

    It’s hard seeing someone leave so suddenly. We grew together in that class. She taught me what to value in life.

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