A Power Toothbrush

Call me old-fashioned or what have you, but I’ve always used to plain old hand-powered toothbrush. I’d seen plenty of commercials on TV pushing this or that revolutionary power toothbrush. I never paid any attention to them because I figured they were just overpriced pieces of equipment for lazy people. So with that in mind, I came home this long weekend to a power toothbrush…

It’s obvious that I was biased against power toothbrushes. I imagined them to be expensive and useless, at least not any better than a regular toothbrush and a good scrubbing. My first prejudice was quickly dispelled. The toothbrush I got was an Oral-B Crossaction Power, which cost something like $8. Additional brush-heads come in packs of two and cost another $8. So averaging out the cost, we get something a little over $5 per ‘toothbrush’. That’s really not much if at all more than a nice manual toothbrush.

My other preconception, that it wouldn’t be any more effective than a normal toothbrush was also blown away. Without a doubt, my teeth feel cleaner and smoother after brushing with the power toothbrush. That’s not to say I didn’t brush properly before, au contraire. I’m quite the stickler for dental hygiene and would always brush vigorously for extended periods of time. But I guess in the end, plain old arm power just can’t beat technology.

I wasn’t used to using the thing at all. My first attempts to use the new toothbrush resulted in manual brushing with a vibrating powered toothbrush. It was awkward to say the least. The handle is also a little thicker than I’m used to, so I found it weird closing my mouth and as a result I developed a drooling problem. 😛 Eventually, I learned to use it in a more stationary fashion, moving it very slowly across all of my teeth, without any manual brushing motions. It’s working quite nicely now.

I’m still drooling like an idiot because I’m not completed used to the thing, but I can’t argue with the fact that it does seem to clean better. Plus, if it means a little less work on my part, well, I won’t be complaining. Perhaps if you’re like me and never considered a power toothbrush, reconsider – go and buy one – it doesn’t have to be a significant investment and your teeth will probably thank you.


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  1. One less activity for your arm to get exercise. If you get a pointing device that doesn’t require arm movements for your computer, physical activities will be greatly reduced ;).

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