A Nice Weekend

Well it was quite the nice weekend. A cousin was over with his wife during their Thanksgiving weekend from down in the States. They brought along a PSP as an early birthday gift for me. I don’t know why I never considered getting on of those things; probably cause I don’t do console games. Despite that, I’m loving the thing because of its slick looks and the multimedia capabilities. I’ve yet to buy a Memory Stick for it (hooway for Sony and their proprietary storage formats eh?) so I haven’t really been able to use it outside of playing some Pac-Man and Galaga. Yeah, the only game I’ve got so far is a concoction of old school classics. As I said, I’m not much into console gaming so the only game I have my eye on is Lumines. Apparently that puzzle game is insanely good for PSP. Of course, what I’m looking forward to the most is trying out the music player and viewing videos on that oh-so-gorgeous 4.3″ 480×272 resolution screen. Move over iPod video. It’s really time I ditched that thing… And here’s a crappy picture I took. Ooooohhh soooo shiney. 🙂 I’ll write some more about it when I actually get a chance to fully test its capabilities.


Now that probably sounded pretty selfish; what about my cousin? Well he’s doing pretty well. I’d never met his wife before either so it was nice to meet her as well. Oh, off on another tangent, he also brought Guild Wars: Factions. I’m scared to install it. I’m pretty sure I’d get hooked instantly and start being like one of those seclusive WoW players, except playing Guild Wars instead. Maybe I’ll take a crack at it over the winter break.

I also sold my first items through eBay over the weekend. I had a Pentium 4 2.4GHz still sitting in its retail box and an ASUS motherboard for it. I sold them both for a decent chunk of coin. (For some reason that motherboard is in really high demand…) The transaction went pretty smoothly and I’m going to ship the stuff out to the buyers tomorrow. Since that money’s now stuck in my PayPal account (lest I transfer it to my bank and incur the fees) I may as well buy some stuff through eBay… I’m on the lookout for a cheap phone to accompany my soon-to-be K790a.

Aside from that, I also worked on the website redesign over the weekend. It’s progressing pretty quickly, although I did run into a few snags due to my pathetic photoshop skills and some quirkiness in IE. (Bring on the “I told you so’s”.) Aside from a whole lot of CSS work, the only major part left is to figure out how to integrate a few plugins with the theme. I won’t show my hand as to where the design’s at right now; it’s just not quite presentable yet. There’s lots of polishing yet to be done!


4 Replies to “A Nice Weekend”

  1. Mmm… Black Friday… wish I couldve been there.

    U gonna be around next weekend? we can all get together and go out for ur birthday.

    I had to use minor CSS IE hacks constantly for things to look ‘just right’.

  2. you just ditched the iPod video? Just like that? No regard for its feelings, Chucks?

    Pllleeeeease come back for Christmas. We need you.

  3. Justin: Next weekend? Do you mean the 2nd/3rd? If so, then no, my cousin’s leaving this weekend so I have to go back home. But the weekend after that I should be good to go.

    Christmas is looking extremely unlikely, purely due to the lack of time I have off. You know how much I’ve love to go back. Playing that charade game on Christmas Eve with the Howards and Mike. What a tradition.

    Pffft. I have no feelings to Stevie’s wonderkid. 😉

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