A Dell UMPC at D6

Take a gander at Dell’s new entrant to the mini-laptop market. Almost nothing is known about the device, but aesthetically, it’ll compete with the best of them. I hope they don’t make the same mistakes HP did with their 2133 Mini-Note… Give me at least a 1024×600 display and 4-5 hours of battery life for $500 or less. Competition’s really heating up.


2 Replies to “A Dell UMPC at D6”

  1. Please forward my problem. My wireless Dell mouse goes crazy. At times, the cursor can’t be controlled by the mouse.

  2. Newbie, much? 🙂

    Doyle (if you ever come back to read this), you have to take this up with Dell directly. Call the support number you probably have somewhere with your Dell CDs and stuff.

    Anyways; the Mini 9 looks like a solid contender in the UMPC marketplace. I wonder when it will be available on my home market (Norway)? Needs a keyboard with funny characters first… 😉

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