A Ben Folds Concert

The Ben Folds concert this evening in Seattle was some of the best fun I’ve had in as long as I can remember. He sure is a showman. His story interludes were witty, and he was quite at ease with the audience. Hecklers beware – Ben Folds can hold his own!

Over an hour and a half, Ben Folds played songs I knew (including Zak and Sara, Brick, The Ascent of Stan) and ones I didn’t with the Seattle Symphony orchestra. He didn’t play ‘Still Fighting It’, our high school graduation song, but his explanation was quite candid. To paraphrase, “You might not hear some of the songs you like tonight. That’s because the orchestral arrangements sucked. We spent $10k on each crappy arrangement, so they’re not here tonight.”

But what surprised me most, and made the evening 10X better than its already stupendous awesomeness was his ‘spontaneous encore’ with the Seattle Symphony, which was completely expected, and his actual spontaneous solo encores. After the Seattle Symphony Orchestra had left the stage and the lights in the theatre started rising, Ben Folds came back out, went to the piano and launched into song. Everyone was on their feet, and milling around the stage by this point, completely shocked by this.

With three solo songs at the end, he ended off with Rockin’ the Suburbs, a fantastic way to wrap things up. There was so much energy in the crowd, as we filed out. Worth every single, frickin’ penny I paid for the tickets. Rockin’ the Suburbs indeed.


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