8800GT Deal

I was treated to quite the deal yesterday when I found a GeForce 8800GT 512MB video card at Futureshop. I’ve written about how the fall video card refresh has been great for competition and prices, but I never imagined I’d be able to pick up a 8800GT for $199CAD. Granted, part of the reason was due to a pricing error on Futureshop’s part, which pushed the price to below cost. It was advertised as on sale for $259 from $309, but when I got to the Futureshop in Guelph (thanks for the drive, Justin :)), it rang up as $199.

Although the card is advertised as the stock clocked (600MHz core, 900MHz RAM), it comes clocked at EVGA’s Superclocked specs (650MHz core, 950MHz RAM), making it an even better deal. It’s one of, if not the cheapest 8800GT I’ve seen in Canada, not to mention being overclocked by default. The sale to $259 ends November 15th, so you’ve got some time to find a store with stock if you’re considering it. I was hesitant about getting the card before all this since AMD/ATI will be launching their RV670 based cards in about a week’s time. But at $199, I have absolutely no qualms – there’s no second guessing whatsoever.

And damn, there’s a huge difference from my 7900GTO. The Crysis demo is now playable with all settings at high at my monitor’s native resolution (1680×1050), as opposed to medium details and 1280×800 with the 7900GTO. The Unreal Tournament 3 demo is also playable with the highest detail settings and 1680×1050 as opposed to medium and 1280×800. The visual quality in these two games is absolutely amazing. I still can’t quite believe I’m getting all this for 2 bills. With an E6600 at 3GHz and stock clocks of 650/950 on the 8800GT, I’m hitting around 11.5K in 3DMark 06.

NVIDIA’s got a hell of a card here – let’s see what AMD can do against it in a week’s time.


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  1. holy man thats quite a deal you got im jealous! Yea these new cards are fantastic Im gonna wait until January and hopefully snag one for around 250 (including tax)

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