50% Work

I’ve spent 50% of the last two days at the office. Yes, 24 hours of work in 2 days. Not unheard of obviously, but as a co-op with no overtime? Yeah, it’s a bit of a sacrifice. Part of it had to do with the frustrations of changing goal posts of one application I noted in an earlier post. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only project with changed requirements – my other project on the go, an internal tool that was designed to work with a SalesForce application also fell through and SalesForce was cut out of the loop. I found out this past Tuesday, so had to revamp a large portion of the back end to work with a new interface. With everything set to go live tomorrow, everything was done in a pinch and not as well as I would have liked. On the other hand, it really tested my prioritization skills. Some things that were not absolutely key to the tools were put on hold, to be added at a later date.

I demoed both of the applications today in the afternoon to the two separate parties and was commended for putting everything together on time, despite the tight deadlines and requirement changes. Truth be told, it was sort of interesting to be living out the geeky programmer’s dream of coding late into the night (not that I’m a geeky programmer….).

Finally, I’ll be able to ease up a bit at work. The last week and a bit has been extremely stressful, both at work and in class (midterm) and orchestra (recording session).


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  1. Don’t say it like you weren’t in the past… šŸ˜› I admit, I’ve been a code monkey for the past while, but that’ll change very soon.

  2. Jeez…and here I was lazing around on the island…oh spring break:D Glad to hear that things are going well at work again. I’m sure you’ll hear of some late nights during my internship this summer.

    btw – the p4000 is so mine come july(ish..maybe sooner if I can’t keep my hands off:P)

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