4B Completed


Taken quite some time ago – certainly not during this semester. Playing with the camera instead of studying.

Yes, exams wrapped up several days ago, but it didn’t feel quite right that I write my traditional concluding message on the semester until finding out the last final’s mark. As it turns out, my fears of failure were quite unfounded, and I passed the course with flying colors.

The last semester went by in a flash. A few defining moments offset its otherwise monotonous passing: signing the Microsoft offer, IRS/IRC, fourth year design project symposium, end of classes, and my last examination on April 23. It’s somewhat interesting to note that perhaps the most important event, the signing of a full time offer, happened first in the semester. Needless to say, with my immediate future mapped out, the main goal was to simply graduate. It did help somewhat that I was able to choose a couple of interesting courses.

Since my H-1B visa petition precludes me from entering the United States, which I had planned to visit during the summer, I’ll likely spend some time traveling through Canada, a vast land that I really haven’t seen much of. With my future pegged south of the border, I’m going to take the opportunity to enjoy this great country.

As for this phase of my life? It’s time to close the book.


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