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Hello and welcome to the inaugural post in the new tech blog. May as well start it right off with some comments on the latest TWiT podcast. Episode 41.

Newsvine Competition for Digg?

Kevin Rose says Newsvine isn’t competition for Digg. He brings up the point that Newsvine has articles “forced” on the reader. Well, I tend to disagree. Two two sites are both social news sites. While Newsvine does have AP and ESPN articles fed into it automatically, a large portion of the community is focused on linking and writing themselves. In this regard, I think it’s direct competition and more for Digg. That’s not to mention that Kevin goes on to say that he wants to expand Digg to news other than tech-related stuff. That’s where Newsvine already is. He’s done an awesome job at Digg and has definitely started a trend, but I’d say, if you don’t realize it already, look out for Newsvine, Kevin. By the hesitation in this voice though, I’d say he already knows and is planning something. )

More than 1GB RAM Useless

Is 1GB of RAM enough? I’d say it’s more than enough for most users nowadays, but in fact, newer games are benefiting from more than 1GB of system RAM.

X-Bit Labs investigation on 2GB of RAM

While it’s true it’s not needed for the most part, there are definitely power users who will want more than 1GB of RAM. And lookit, it makes F.E.A.R. run smoother. Who wouldn’t want that? P

“It’s Like Herpes”

I was actually very entertained with Leo’s comment about instant infestation of computers which are not properly protected against the dangers of the net. I had a first hand view of this, partially being my fault. We were testing some machines at work and I decided I didn’t really need SP4 or the other updates for a Win2000 computer. Needless to say, after about half a day with it on the net, I started getting swamped with random ad popups. Good thing it didn’t make it to the pr0n yet. The whole machine got hosed. Ad-aware and Spybot combined couldn’t rid that machine of its problems. A reformat fixed the computer up and I definitely installed a firewall + the updates the second time around. Just goes to show how vulnerable computers are nowadays. And I can only imagine how many peoples’ computers are totally screwed up right now. Granny Smith’s sitting there reading her emails wondering why she can’t seem to close all the windows that pop up out of nowhere…

TV Phones

It seems like yesterday that cellphones started being able to play music (I mean full MP3 quality music. None of that polyphonic chord crap). Yet, predictions are that 2006 will bring the sales of 50 million TV enabled phones. That means full 3G+ phones with the capability of streaming (high-quality?) video. I’m not sure how often I’d really watch TV on something that small. I could see watching a few minutes of the news on the bus or something I guess. I can only hope they’ll drop the prices on those services. How much is it for unlimited EV-DO services these days? $50-60 a month? We’ll see. I know I definitely won’t be getting one this year.

Apple’s Intel Stuff Hits Speedbump

Leo talked about Adobe not releasing universal applications for the Intel Macs until their ‘next release’, which is probably going to be into 2007. That’s going to be killer for a lot of these people. If you’ve seen the performance numbers for the MacBook Pros/Intel iMacs, you’ll know that while theoretical and performance with universal apps are definitely up, programs needing to be run on the Rosetta emulator are performing dismally. We’re talking about 50% performance drops when you add the overhead of Rosetta in there. That’s just absolutely terrible for people running Photoshop, etc. And I’m sure only a few people are using that app, eh? Let’s hope they can greatly optimize Rosetta’s performance if it is true about Adobe. I hardly want to see people shelling out $2.5K for a top of the line MacBook only to have it suck way worse than their old PowerBook for the programs they use.

And of course, John Dvorak throws in the bomb. He thinks Apple’s going to drop OS X. I personally know of a few people who would drop dead if that were to ever happen. Windows?! Ohs Nos! I’ll be interested in reading his piece on it. He sounds pretty confident that he has a solid argument.

Stupid Dell

WHAT IS DELL THINKING is right. Sure, go with AMD processors, but is now and the platform their supposedly choosing to launch with right? Rumors are flying that Dell is set to launch their first AMD powered computers soon and in laptops. Of all things, AMD has the advantage on the desktop. Their Athlon64 (X2s) are awesome chips, outperforming anything Intel’s got to compete there. But in the mobile space, Intel’s still got the upper hand. There’s the newly launched Yonah, which AMD has no competition against until at least March (Taylor, dual core Turion64). In my opinion, Intel’s probably poised to be in a great competitive position this year on all fronts except the server. If I had of gone with AMD, I would have done it last year, or the year before, when Intel was really weak. But at this point, Intel’s got a lot in the pipeline and unless Dell knows a heck of a lot more than the rest of us (okay, they probably do… but technically, Intel’s Conroe looks to be highly competitive) they’re making the absolutely wrong move here. If I were running Dell (…) I’d take AMD to the servers and the high end desktops first and keep Intel for the mobile space. Who doesn’t know the Centrino name these days? (even though they have absolutely no idea what it actually means, but that’s a whole other story) On the other hand who has heard of Turion64. Not nearly as many I bet. I’m going to continue to hope that these rumors are just those, rumors and that Dell will make the right decision and launch AMD on the desktop.

Online Shopping

I used to be one of those people afraid of shopping online. Okay, let’s be honest here, my parents used to be those people who were afraid of shopping online. I eventually convinced them of the advantages and now I have no qualms with it at all. Identity theft and things like that aren’t too dangerous as long as you’re careful and the bank’s not dumb. I still remember the first thing I bought online. Back in the day when I lived on Prince Edward Island, we didn’t exactly have the most comprehensive selection of computer parts (read: no selection at all). So after much research and fretting, I ordered the parts to the first computer I’d build myself from a store in Ontario. We got all the stuff in short order and no one ripped off our credit card as the parents were (somewhat) afraid of. ) Buying online is just so much more convenient not to mention efficient. Sure getting your stuff in a brick and mortar store is nice because you get it right then and there, but who doesn’t love seeing the Fedex truck pull into the driveway? And that’s not even to mention, how many coupons are so much easier to ‘redeem’ online than in-store?

Hey! I use Winamp still. D

Apple Hit With (another) Class Action

Finally, we have the class action lawsuit against Apple for not adequately warning users that at the highest volume on the iPod, hearing loss may eventually ensue. Here are some of the exact words from the suit:

‘A complaint filed with a California court this week alleged that Apple’s music players were “inherently defective in design” and “not adorned with adequate warnings regarding the likelihood of hearing loss”.’

This one’s as good as the Grandma suing Rockstar over the Grand Theft Auto game she had bought for her under-aged grandson due to false advertising… It’s almost as good as the hot coffee incident McDonald’s had back in the day (okay so the coffee was hotter than the other chains, but really now…). And based on that one, this dude’ll get a suitcase of money and be off with his millions of bucks but without any sort of intelligence. Maybe this is where society is headed these days. Are people really getting dumber and dumber or just greedier and greedier? (not to mention lazy as hell)

I remember someone saying once, all we need to do is get rid of all the warning labels. That’d solve so many problems. (note: that was a joke)


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