School’s ramping up for the Winter 2009 semester and I’m not quite certain what to make of it yet. I have 4 core ECE courses and a political science course to fill out my CSE requirements. Of the 4 ECE courses, 3 have labs and two have projects. Furthermore, the initial steps for fourth year design project start this semester, which means coming up with an idea and fleshing out the requirements and design. I have a great group for the project and we’re in the process of working with professors on firming up the details on a few exciting ideas.

I put my name down for two clubs on campus this semester, WIREX (Waterloo Investment Research Exchange) and the UW Photo club. WIREX is all about trading and investing, something I’m deeply fascinated by and of course, the photo club is where I hope to pick up some composition technique from those more experienced. I won’t be joining the university orchestra this semester. Originally, I missed music, but was a bit disenchanted through the last two semesters of participation in the orchestra. It became a chore to attend rehearsal. The material wasn’t challenging and I found myself growing disinterested. Then, the icing on the cake came this past semester in Toronto with the TSO. I realized attending performances by world-class muscians was a far more effective way to get my music fix.

On the work front (part-time with Indigo), I’ve been less than satisfied with my discipline. In the two weeks since starting school, I’ve only put in 4 hours of work. I recently went to Toronto to attend a pre-launch party and found that there was still a whole lot to do over the next few weeks. I will be sitting myself down and ploughing through a bunch of bugs later today.

There’s less than 1.5 years left before I graduate. Scary.


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