3B – Crying Wolf

I’ve had my share of bumps and bruises through nearly 4 years of university now. I was told 1B would be difficult, but while we did lose something around 30% of our class, I sailed through without much issue. Then the killer was supposed to be 2B, but again, it wasn’t terribly trying. So when I was told 3B would finally bring the pain, I chalked it up to the upper-year students who cried wolf. I wasn’t worried.

But with a day less than a month before I write my last exam for the semester, I find myself living in labs, the library and empty classrooms, working on projects, reports and assignments. It’s been literally weeks since I’ve been able to return home after lectures end for the day. I’m tired.

It’s with a big sigh of relief that I’m spending most of this weekend simply sitting in my room, catching up with lectures and practice problems, taking time to relax in between. I can clearly feel my progress through university. I’ve arrived at the point where I’m understanding most things simply listening in lectures, instead of having to re-learn everything on my own after the fact that was the case for the first couple years. While it’s true that I haven’t retained all the details from the courses I’ve taken in the past, university has improved my ability to learn, as clichéd as that may be, and that’s the most important thing.

It’s coming up to the endgame for the 3B semester. This time I don’t have an exciting co-op semester to look forward to, just another 4 months of school, in the summer. Ho hum.


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