3 Down, 11 To Go

Yeah, so I’m done of classes for the third semester in my university career (if you count co-op as a semester). We finished up yesterday with one last quiz in our circuits course and it’s really the final stretch now. I’ve got 5 days until my first exam and then it’s basically one exam every 2 days for a total of 5 exams over approximately 2 weeks. I’ve started studying for the my first one (physics) already and it doesn’t actually seem too bad. I went to a extra session this morning where we solved one of the previous year’s final exam and it was actually quite easy. With barely any effort at all, I solved 11 out of 13 questions and the remaining two were definitely within reach. I can only hope it’s the same this semester.

So this blog has been pretty neglected, but with a good reason. I’ve been quite busy trying to clean some things up before the end of the semester and I definitely wouldn’t have much time to do so after the exams start. As well, I honestly haven’t too much to actually write about so I didn’t think it necessary to bore all you dear readers to tears.

I heard from my employer again this past week to sort out some of the finer details of my employment this coming semester. I finally found out what I would actually be getting paid. Well, it’s a definite improvement over last semester. I’m generally pretty happy with the salary. I don’t think I realistically expect much more for my n00bish 2nd work term experience. It was right at the high end of what my interviewer (and now supervisor) told me to expect. I knew it wasn’t going to be terrible, but it’s always nice to get a little suprise to the upside.

And with that added bit of money, I’m thinking of building a new desktop. It’s been yeeeeeaaaarrrrsss since I’ve built a desktop and with a recent stroke of good luck, I can do it on the cheap until Conroe starts becoming widely available. An older Pentium 2.4C processor died a couple months ago. For some reason or other, I neglected to put in my warranty claim until very recently. I had forgotten when I purchased the CPU, but it was getting awfully close to the 3 year warranty provided by Intel. So on July 18th, I started my warranty claim procedure. Lucky for me, that was about a week inside the 3 years. So, I’m going to be packaging the chip up when I go home today and shipping it off to Intel. When I get the new CPU back (and of course, after exams and then my trip back to PEI), I’m going to buy some parts and build up a new system. That way I’ll have something functional for the work term and it’ll buy me some time before I get a Conroe CPU. At this point, I have my mind set on getting a new system and this’ll sort of satisfy my craving for a little while.

Well, it’s almost time to head out. I actually trekked out here with my heavy ass bags to an extra circuits session only to find out after 10 minutes of sitting around with the rest of the class that it was canceled. I didn’t feel like walking back to residence again so I decided to wait here until I have to make my way to the bus stop. And I mean it was as good of time as any to write something down here.


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