2A Co-op Complete – Next Up, 2B

Today was my final day at Sybase for this semester. I didn’t do too much – my projects were complete and I spent most of the day organizing and uploading my work to the shared drive, to be archived for future reference. I will be returning for another semester, but I don’t think it’ll be quite the same with several people not returning.

During my commute back home, on highway 8, I realized I was critically short on gas (it’s lucky that I realized it when I did, otherwise, I might not be writing this…) and decided to venture into the void between Kitchener and Cambridge to fill up. After spending $50 on a tank of gas, I took a few wrong turns and ended up going the wrong way, heading back to Waterloo. All told, I wasted about half an hour trying to find my way back onto the right track in rush hour traffic.

With the 2A co-op (my third) semester now complete, I get to look forward to my 2B semester, which many in Comp Eng nickname ‘2B or not to be’. Many more of my classmates will inevitably be filtered out, en route to year 3. But even before all that can occur, I must now concentrate on writing my work report. I’ve got a bit more than two weeks to do that.

Finally, I may have the perfect Dell XPS M1330 by the end of day tomorrow. An on-site technician will be coming to swap the screens between my old M1330 and the new, replacement M1330. Everything else is fixed, no wobble, no separated palm rest, even the DVD drive noise is quieter. Overall, I’m very pleased with the situation. I was even sent some gifts from my contact at Dell who has been an absolute joy to work with. I got a thank you card from him as well, although I’m certain I should be the one thanking him!

Dell - Thank You


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  1. Got a Timbuk2 bag, travel mug, USB key, a nice notepad, and a couple visors. It was an extremely kind gesture by the manager I’ve been working with.

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