It has been nearly four months since I’ve sat at home on a Sunday night. A week off from work is definitely going to be something different.

As the title might indicate, this site’s now passed 20 thousand page views since I started tracking back at the first of January. This is all after passing 10 thousand views slightly less than a month ago. That’s quite the growth since then. Three months to make it to 10K and only another month to make it to 20. This time, I have screenshot of the twenty thousandeth viewer or anything like that. All I can say is thanks for everyone who has been keeping a watch on this site, one way or another. It sort of makes me feel nice inside to know that people actually care about what I have to say at times. 😛

I’ve also moved the entire WordPress install over the main domain, www.nfiniti.org. as opposed to keeping the blog in a subdomain. It seemed somewhat pointless to have nothing in the main domain. As well, I have this feeling that Google doesn’t crawl a site as much if there’s NOTHING in the root domain. I may be just spewing BS here, but let’s just say I’ve noticed some major differences in my logs since removing the content from the root domain. On the other hand, MSNBot seems to be having the time of its life with my site…

To everyone going off on summer break, hope you have a great time. Say a prayer or two for me as I’ll be heading nowhere but back to the University of Waterloo for another four grueling months of school. Hooray for summer. 😐


3 Replies to “20K”

  1. Everything is better in summer, even if it is school. Man, catching up on your blog after being away for a while is a full time job! Not that that’s a bad thing of course:D

  2. Wow. That’s quite the growth. Reminds me of a certain company I’m rather fond of. Careful, that growth rate can only go so high until it plateaus. In the mean time, I suggest you enjoy it. I’m too scared to put a counter on my site, seeing as how it would take about a year to reach 100 hits, haha. I guess some of us just aren’t as ePopular 😛

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