I can’t believe we’re heralding the year 2013 already. The days have flown by, I wrote all of 17 posts over the past year (absolutely dismal), and the world didn’t end a couple weeks ago. We made it!

It’s been an exciting and fruitful year, for me. I’m getting well-established in my new role in the Windows Ecosystem group, have moved to work directly with Intel on all manners of new projects and relationships, and spent a wonderful year with my fantastic girlfriend. All in all, between personal and business, things have going about as well as I could hope for. Perhaps one of the few things lacking is sufficient exercise throughout the year; sounds ripe for a New Year’s resolution.

I’m back home with my parents for two weeks over the holidays, but aside from that, it’s been a year lacking in vacation. That said, I’ve had the chance to experience some new places, to travel to Los Angeles and San Diego, saw Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon (breathtaking, another trip is in order, hopefully in 2013) and spent some time driving around the interiors of Washington and Oregon. I’ve become more and more taken with a good drive, so it’s only appropriate that as I come up to the end of my three year lease, later in 2013, on the Volkwagen CC, I’m considering whether I should try a different car. Definitely a topic for a different post, I’ve been eying everything from a BMW 3-series to a Volvo S60 to the surprising 2014 Mazda 6.

I’m still very much excited about all the new technologies and gadgets coming out in 2013. Certainly, for where I work, it’ll be exciting to see how we extend the momentum of numerous product launches late in 2012 through early 2013. In particular, on the phone side, inklings of hope are appearing, especially as we get more competitive on hardware and software experiences. Forgetting the high end (where the Lumia 920 I’ve been using since early November has been an absolute treat), the real volume will be carried by more and more Windows Phone 8 devices like the HTC 8S and Nokia Lumia 620, in the $200-$300 MSRP range.

On the home front (literally), I’m starting the investigation into what to do upon lease end; continue renting or look at buying? Given the magnitude of the decision, it’s something foreign and I have a lot of digging ahead of me. A friend recently bought a place, and it was a wonderful feeling experiencing it even vicariously, so there’s definitely a part of me that itches for some permanency.

There is a lot to look forward to in 2013. I wish everyone well in it!


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  1. I bought a place in 2012, a condo to be specific. The process definitely had its ups and downs… I’m now glad I did it and have this place now, though in many ways I wish I hadn’t taken the plunge when I did, if that makes any sense. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or want to know more about my experience!

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