As I look back through the archives of this blog, I see on May 17th, I wrote a similar post to this one about my 300th page hit. Well, now I’m up to 2000. Through the wonders of StatCounter, I can see the IPs of the people who have visited and how often you have, but it would be nice to connect some names/faces with the people who do browse through my ramblings here. Feel free to leave a comment (just use the comment button beneath this post) if you’ve been reading. And thanks everyone. It’s good to know I’m not yelling at a wall for the most part. 😉


4 Replies to “2000”

  1. Err elaborate? Unique visitors would be 1200. Of course, that’s counting a lot of people more than once if their cookies haven’t logged, etc. First time visitors would be more accurate which counts 700.

  2. By Unique I meant unique IP’s, so first time vistors, correct. Now you say 700, does that mean that it uses cookies to log stuff or is it solely IP based? IE, if you have the IP address 123.456.78 but you delete your cookies after you visit the site, it would count each visit as a unique hit or would it see that they’re still coming from the same IP address? Of course no matter what the system is flawed and can only give you an estimate of the number of visitors you get because most everyone’s IP address is dynamic, considering you get a new one everytime you dial in or if you have broadband whenever you disconnect and then reconnect. Also counting the fact that whenever you clean out your internet cache files and whatnots your cookies get deleted, especially if this counter of yours uses tracking cookies which wind up getting deleted by either ad-aware or spybot. I would also like to point out that I’m really tired right now and I doubt this comment made much sense, but oh well.

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