You’ve Gotta Reward Yourself Sometimes

And that’s exactly what I’m doing now. I’m at the library listening to the Last Samurai soundtrack and typing up a blog entry. What could be more relaxing than that? (ok, well sleeping’s probably better) I just finished a nearly three hour long study session so I decided I deserved a break. It’s nice to have something to look forward to. And I’m sure my efficiency has gone down like tenfold from when I first started studying this evening. I worked on some chemistry as well as programming. God, programming’s fun and all, but it’s damn frustrating and boring to actually read the notes and textbook. I never feel as tired as I do when I’m reading my programming textbook. It’s like the cure for insomnia or something.

So I came here to the library by myself tonight and I was able to get some fresh air and thinking done on the way over. I can’t really say what I thought about specifically; it was more just a mess of things. I’ve had a lot of things piled on my shoulders recently and I think I’m just bottling it up inside. The trauma of having exams so near has pushed everything else to the back of my mind and I’m not sure what’s going to happen once they’re done and over with. So I tried to get things I’ve been neglecting back into my concious thought. I whizzed through a few thoughts on the way over, but I haven’t yet resolved anything really.

On a totally unrelated note, I’ve been trying out this new webbrowser (yes I know, another one) called Flock. It’s based off the Gecko engine and is very closely related to Firefox. It’s pretty much an offshoot of Firefox which implements a lot of cool things like Flikr and blogging integration. Basically, it’ll allow you to blog right through the browser without ever even having to go to or Word Press or whatever. It also has a RSS feed aggregator which could be really useful. The only problem right now is that it’s quite unpolished with many bugs. But then again, everything starts somewhere. I’m really excited for what this browser could bring. As I’ve been saying, anything to make using the internet easier and more efficient.

Ok, back to university stuff, I got accepted back to V1 residence for the Winter co-op term. I’m actually pretty happy with that since I don’t have to make myself food (you know how poorly I cook I’m sure) and I don’t have to go apartment hunting anymore either! It’ll be interesting meeting a new bunch of students, but I’m up for it. I know a few 8 stream students as well so it won’t be all bad. And for my study semester after that, I’m trying to move up to the third floor of my current residence. There’s an 8 stream person up there who will be moving out during my second study semester and I’m hoping to take over his room. I’m friends with the people up on the third floor and it’s a nicer spot than right beside the lounge which at times makes me feel like clawing my ears off. When it’s 2 or 3AM, it’s probably time to sleep, but nooooo. These guys don’t feel like it’s necessary to get up for morning classes, but they shouldn’t be preventing other from doing so. Let me tell you, a couple days in a row of 4 hours of a sleep a night really gets to you.

Anywho, it’s time for me to wrap it up and start my trek back to residence. I’ve done enough studying for the night. Just look at me! I’m starting to study for finals and the first one’s more than a week away still! Aren’t you so damn proud? I need to do well on these exams and studying hard’s the only way I’ll be able to. You’d better feel special that I’m even writing anything in my blog these days. If I followed my parents’ advice, I wouldn’t have any contact with you guys until after my exams are done (December 16). Uh uh. You guys mean too much to me.


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  1. That browser sounds yummy…although you still havent explained what RSS feeds are. Remember you have to explain what these things mean to the people who spend their time with hunks of brass…compared to hunks of glass, metal etc..(ie. computer). Thanks for keeping me entertained through your blog…we love you too.

  2. Holy shit, 1.5 has already come out? Man, this is what happens when you spend every waking moment on the computer hiding behind a stupid MS Word document :@

  3. RSS stands for ‘really simple syndication’. Basically it’s like a news feed from the site. Usually the title and a little summary of whatever that article’s about will be put out there in a feed. You can subscribe to a feed to download the regular updates to a site which are fed into this feed. Very nice to see what you want to read and what you don’t at a glance. I have a bunch of world news, business news and mostly tech news feeds that I read pretty much daily.

    And Rene, yeah, 1.5 is definitely out. You sound like me, except I don’t hide behind a Word document. I’m just on the computer all the time is all. 😀

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