Youth Naivete

I was recently thinking about this topic. Youth naivete. You know the kind where when you were young, you accepted everything and anything you were told as the absolute truth with almost no need to question. It’s the innocence that comes with young age I guess. Why is the sky blue? Your parents could BS any answer practically and you’d take that as the way it was.

Perhaps it’s kind of like a defense mechanism for a young mind. If we did question everything (and there would’ve been lots of questions to ask if I think about it now) we’d probably get nowehere fast. Why is grass green? I doubt most people could answer that accurately. As kids we’d be so overloaded and we’d probably have to have a brain transplant. Not enough extra brains to go around you know…

In any case, I vividly remember one question I had for my parents that was horrendously answered but not knowing any better, I took it as the absolute truth. You know the Dolby Digital symbol, the one that’s two letter D’s with one backwards in the rectangle thingy. Well I didn’t know what that meant on our car cassette player. So I asked my parents. I got back an answer something along the lines of that it was to make sound better. Well, that’s slightly true but obviously it stood for your Dolby Digital audio.

Anyways, kind of a pointless post here, but I just started thinking about it all of a sudden one day and I thought I’d put it down here. It’s funny cause sometimes I wish I could have that sort of naivete again. Some things I just don’t want to know or understand but my inquiring mind gets the best of me.



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