Well, the Edmonton Oilers (against all odds?) are going to the Stanley Cup finals. I watched the entirety of the last game against Anaheim earlier tonight and it was a nail-biter. It didn’t start off too well at all for the Oilers, going down 1-0 in the first period and getting clearly outplayed. But they came back strong with two in the second, especially the second goal by Torres which was a very nice tip in. I was impressed at least. Then when at the end with Anaheim still down 2-1, they pulled their goalie when Edmonton had a penalty, it was a 6 on 4, which isn’t tooooo bad. But Pronger cleared one over the glass and so got a penalty. That was an intense 20 seconds or so of a 6 on 3 power play, but in the end, Edmonton held on. I was very proud.

In other news, I’ve started studying for the midterms which are coming up (relatively) soon. I’m not feeling too good about my classes, which you may have caught if you read my last post, so I decided to start early this time around. I don’t think I’ve ever started studying this long before any set of tests/exams. Hopefully it’ll pay off in the end. I’d like to comment that the Calculus 119 notes that were put online for us are EXTREMELY helpful and clear. I really should have started reading them when I was supposed to (as in when we were actually learning the material).

Live and learn.


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  1. Oh Charlie, I have no doubt that you’ll kick your classes asses. I mean, come on, you’re Charlie. Don’t let school stress you out too much, okay buddy? Oh I know, easier said then done, but just try to.

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