Wow, What Happened?

Yeah, so I’m reading up on my daily stock market news and what do I find?

TSX falls more than 300 points

In that article, they also list some of the dismal performances by the other worldwide indices today. Here’s a roundup.

  • TSX down 303 points (2.7%)
  • Spot gold prices have fallen $120 since May 12th (16%)
  • Dow Jones down 170 points (1.6%)
  • Nasdaq down 41 points
  • S&P 500 down 15 points
  • Nikkei 225 down 3.07%
  • Indian stocks down 4.7%
  • Australia down 2.35%
  • FTSE 100 down 1.7%
  • DAX Xetra 30 down 1.9%
  • CAC-40 down 1.8%
  • Hang Seng down 366 points (2.32%)
  • Taiwan index down 4.2%
  • South Korea index down 3.5%

Stocks have come off their lows quite a bit at this point, but it can be seen that today was generally not a good day for the markets. You mean even killing the ‘monster’ al-Zarqawi couldn’t bring joys to the hearts of the free world?

In other news, if I get the job I had an interview for today, I will jump for joy. But most likely not. What are the chances I’ll be chosen out of an original 136 applicants…?


3 Replies to “Wow, What Happened?”

  1. Ahh… interest rates are adjusted once again of course 🙂

    US and Canada both just increased their interest rates the week before too and no one was crying and bitchn’ about it. I dont see why this is such a surprise.

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