What Terrible Luck

I wasn’t expecting to be heading home this weekend, but here I find myself, sitting in my habitual balcony overlooking the rest of the house. Let me tell you, it wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill drive back here either.

As is typically the case, I hitched a ride with a friend out of Waterloo. As we drove down the on-ramp to Highway 85, we noted some funny sounds coming from the car. Sensing something was amiss, we stopped on the shoulder to survey the car. Lo and behold, the left rear tire was flat. We still haven’t figured out what we ran over, but that was the least of our concerns at the time.

It was absolutely frigid. Not expecting to be out in the cold at all during the drive, I had left my gloves and scarf in my room in Waterloo. Furthermore, with the flat on the left side of the car, and thus facing the road, it put us in a dangerous position to be switching out a tire. I’ve read and heard of the countless occasions on which a stopped car gets rear-ended by another car, racing down the highway. Unfortunately, the shoulder wasn’t plowed very well, which meant that although the car was already on the snow bank, we would still be creeping onto the road, while working.

Needless to say (I seem to be alive and well), nothing did happen – we switched out the deflated tire for a half-size thing that limited our speed to around 80km/h. It was one heck of a long drive.

I guess my luck wasn’t as bad as my friend’s. After all, he’ll be the one replacing the tire.


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