What is Dell’s Priority? FIRO?

First In Random Out. I’ll get to that later.

Up to this point, every one of the posts made at Direct2Dell regarding the Dell XPS M1330 has been bombarded by comments from disgruntled customers and ex-customers. However, in the latest post, there’s also a growing trend of commentators who are throwing out personal insults at the ‘whiners and complainers’. Their thought process is that everyone should know about the delays and as a result have nothing to complain about. But that’s the thing. Many, many people ordered the laptop without knowing of massive delays. In fact, many sales representatives made promises that were ridiculous in retrospect – for example the rep I spoke with said that I would only need to wait 10 to 15 days for my new laptop. It has now been 28 days and my laptop has not even shipped yet. So much for 10 to 15 days. That is why we’re upset. No one told us of delays. And most certainly, no one who ordered early on expected delays to be this extended.

And now Dell’s done more to ‘grind my gears’ as Peter from Family Guy would say. People in Canada who ordered their M1330s up to two weeks after me with exactly the same specifications and add-ons as myself have had their laptops shipped to them already. And this isn’t just limited to Canadian orders. I’m hearing it from all around – there seems to be no order as to what orders get shipped first. Many who ordered on the first day of release (June 26th) haven’t received their laptops but others who ordered much later, some as late as last week, have received theirs already. Others who ordered a month ago and were expecting their laptops any day now have had their estimated ship dates pushed out to the end of August. Perhaps their systems were shipped out for orders that were made later… What is the point or ordering early if it doesn’t make a difference as to when you’ll get the laptop? There’s already a term being coined for Dell’s order system – FIRO First In Random Out. That’s what seems to be happening and I am not pleased one bit.

I finally get Dell’s new catch-phrase. ‘Yours Is Here‘. You’re right, it’s still over there with you, cause I sure don’t have it, yet.


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  1. Yeah I’ve been Bitching to a CSR over email and I’m passed just being mad about all the stupid delays. I’ve been asking for little incentives left and right. I have gotten my shipping upgraded and $100 gift card to dell.com. If anyone has gotten more let me know. I’m not going to cancel my order as many people have done already. I think it’ll be worth the wait. (it better be)

    All in all this is just dumb and pathetic the way they handle their business. FIRO is the perfect description.


  2. Been having problems on my end as well (also ordered my m1330 on June 26th with a friend down the street who ordered the EXACT same system off my recommendation on July 13th who received his on August 1st). As this is my first order with Dell (and sure to be my last) I’m not entirely sure what to make of this whole fiasco. Just need to have my machine in hand by the 14th. Best of luck to you in getting your machine.

  3. Yeah, as if the whole extended delay weren’t enough – Dell goes ahead and hits a nerve by completely messing up the priority. I feel even worse for you, Rick – you ordered on the very first day and haven’t gotten your laptop while plenty of others have.

    I’ve been in contact with someone at Dell Round Rock and I’ve made the queue problems known to him. I’m hoping to see an explanation either from him or on the Direct2Dell site soon enough. A reason behind the madness would be appreciated by me and I’m sure you’d feel the same way.

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