What A Small World

My second week at Sybase and I’ve already met someone with some connection to the Island.

During lunch break yesterday, I along with a group of co-op students ventured outside in the blazing sun and heat to eat. Sybase has a few picnic tables set up outside just for this sort of occasion. At the adjoining table was another group of students. Not knowing or have met any of them, the two groups initially did not interact.

I overheard some talk about potatoes and my thoughts were immediately drawn back to PEI. Every time anyone says anything about potatoes, it usually relates back to PEI in some way, shape or form. Conversely, if anyone talks about PEI, it’ll also relate back to potatoes. So I was pretty certain someone was going to bring up PEI, but never did I expect how it would be brought up.

One of the workers’ family is from the Island. That immediately got my attention and I leapt into the conversation, probably a little abruptly. Although she didn’t live on the Island, she has visited family for many summers so it was nice to talk to someone who at least knew the place.

Yeah… small world eh?


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