After a good night’s work, WaterlooWP is complete. This is based off the University of Waterloo (my school) Common Look template. I didn’t actually use their code, I just looked at their site and worked it into a WordPress template. It takes heavily from my Amalgam theme, but that’s on the inside. Skin deep, it looks quite different. While I’m personally not a big fan of the University of Waterloo website, the template actually looks pretty good if I might say so. 🙂 The header image is actually part of a picture I took during orientation week, so there’s a bit of personality there.

WaterlooWP Theme

This theme once again provides proper integration with ELA, theme switcher and recent comments without having to modify the template. PHP if clauses take care of that. The demo for the theme is here.

I’ve packaged this theme in rar and zip formats, but only a 800×600 resolution version is available this time. The changelog can be found here. You can download the actual theme here:


Enjoy, especially for any fellow UWaterloo students out there. 🙂 Don’t feel like you can only use it if you’re a UWaterloo student or something though. If you like the color scheme and/or design, by all means do whatever to it to suit your needs.
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