Vista/Server 2008 Sound Stutters

If you have sound stuttering issues in Windows Vista or Server 2008 and use a Linksys WUSB300N USB wireless dongle, grab the latest drivers ( They should solve the problem. This may also be an issue with other Marvell chipset wireless dongles, such as some Belkin wireless-N cards.

I recently ran into this problem on Windows Server 2008, which I acquired through my MSDN-AA membership with the Computer Science society of the IEEE. Windows Vista will prompt you to install new drivers through Windows Update; however the driver doesn’t exist in the Server 2008 update repository. Furthermore, Linksys’ Vista support page links the WUSB300N driver to the wrong file, so no luck there either.

Out of necessity, I got a bit creative, plugged the card into my laptop running Windows Vista and had the latest driver installed automatically. I then copied the driver inf from the Vista driverstore over to Server 2008 and manually installed the driver. Voilà, the sound stuttering is gone.

To save you the trouble (if you’re on Windows Server 2008), I’ve zipped up the setup configuration file for the Linksys WUSB300N for your downloading pleasure.

Linksys WUSB300N


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  1. Would you say the IEEE membership is worth it? I was looking at the website and not sure about joining. Thanks

  2. I think it’s absolutely worth it. I believe the student membership’s only about $15 for the IEEE and then another $12 for the Computer Science Society for the rest of the year, which will give you access to the MSDN-AA repository.

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