Visitor From Afar

Okay, so Toronto isn’t really that far from Waterloo but a friend from my computer engineering class dropped by to visit yesterday en route to Western. It was a bunch of fun since with three of us (him, a guy from upstairs and I) it felt sort of like old times. We just needed the rest of the people from E4’s third floor. 🙂 I hadn’t seen him since the end of last semester, so it was nice to see someone familiar. It was pretty funny actually. I didn’t know that he was coming by. He literally just came knocking at my door.

So I got a whole lot of nothing done last night. I had my laptop upstairs trying to do my PDEng resubmission while watching Prison Break (it’s actually a pretty good show despite the preformed idea I had in my mind). The whole PDEng thing was totally useless and I decided to pack in the laptop and just enjoy myself for the night. Of course, I paid for it tonight pretty badly, but I’ve got my assignment submitted and all. I also found out, preliminarily, that I failed another assignment in module 6, so that just means more work. Unfortunately, that wasn’t any old assignment. It’s one where we essentially submit our idea for the work term report. I wonder what they have to say. Hopefully I can still do ahead with what I had been planning, but with this new info in mind, perhaps I should start actively searching for something else to write about… It’s so tough as the first year co-op student. I have no clue what I should be writing about or aiming for. It’s basically going to be a shot in the dark. Hopefully I’ll hit the target, or at least somewhere near it.

In any case, I got to bed way too late and still had to get up way too early. I spent most of the day at work propping open my eyelids in a variety of manners. I still didn’t resort to coffee/cappuccino however. And now, it’s a Friday night and everyone’s gone home, except me it seems. I’ve got very little to do and I’m sleepy so I think it’s fairly clear what I’ll be doing. WordPress theming. Not. I’m going to take a break from that tonight and I’ll try to release an initial version of the Hemmed theme sometime tomorrow. So have a good night everyone.



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