Well, I’ve been hard at work implementing some new things for the template; hopefully the first real permanent template that I’ll have. A blog just doesn’t feel like my own without my own personalized design anyways. I’ve got the sidebar titles all done up with a nice little graphic and I’m currently trying to work out how to get a menu system in place.

It would appear that placing a navigation menu under the main header would be quite difficult within the contraints of the Blogger setup. I’m sure it can be done, but I don’t think as a beginner to all this template stuff that I’m going to blaze a path through the unknown. A little out of my league to say the least. Well, for now. Anyways, I’ve got a trial version of Macromedia’s Studio MX 2004 with Flash MX 2004 (I’m not quite ready to spill $1000+ on the full version yet) so I’ve been trying to create some buttons with flashy (hehe, pun) submenus in the sidebar. It’s a little crowded right now and I want to clear some of that up. A nice menu system would be a great improvement. Only problem: I’ve gotta learn how to use Flash. I did a little project back in grade 11 with flash, but it was really only the novelty and uniquness of it that really won the class. Definitely not the quality, and I don’t want this to look like some amateur job. Thus, I’ll slave at it until I’m happy with the results. My willingness to do something like this and work hard at it tends to sooth my fears that I’ll lose interest in computers and thus render my university major choice useless. So if I find that Flash/Dreamweaver is useful, I may consider purchasing it at the U of Waterloo. They’ve got some really nice educational discounts on software that would allow me to pick the whole Studio MX package up for $120 instead of over a thousand.

I’m also just finishing up the second part of the ‘It’s Falling Apart’ series. Still somewhat of an analysis of what’s going on, this time about the happenings in London. Should make for a decent read if you’re interested in that kind of stuff.

In completely unrelated news, I (along with the help of D-Link Support) have confirmed that the wireless router we bought about two months ago is indeed defective and I’ll be getting a RMA number for a replacement. As such, there are wires strewn all over the place in order for my laptop to reach the wired router that we’re temporarily using. Not a pretty sight as I basically have to jump over the wire that’s in the way here.

That’s all for now as I head off to bed. Calculus in the summer hurts my head!


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  1. Calculus already?? Ah Charlie I had a dream that I also had to write a biology placement test. I looked at the Dal website and it doesn’t come right out and say that if you fail the calculus placement test you can’t take calculus. Instead it says you will have more difficulty with the course…obviously, but whatever that means.

  2. Wow…You really impress me sometimes Charlie! Is this calculus practice, or is this something that you have to do for university? Because if it is practice, you can delete that post on procrastination! I wish I had your self-discipline

  3. In a way it’s practice, but I guess the question is, practice for what? And that answer would have to be for university. I know that I will be behind a large majority of students entering the engineering program at Waterloo. So in my efforts to prevent myself from starting behind, I’m also unrustifying my calculus skills. It’s fun to see just how much you forget over the course of a a month without some review.

    But Mr. Taylor was a great teacher and as I read through this large 1000+ page calculus text, I’m seeing that a lot of the early parts I can pick up again quite easily. Around 200 pages of the whole text we’ve already covered at Colonel Gray so I don’t feel so bad. I mean this text is pretty advanced towards the middle/end so I don’t think it’ll all be covered in my first term’s calculus class anyways.

    And trust me, I’ve procrastinated enough. It wasn’t until I saw some Waterloo’s students marks as well as hearing about it from the students themselves that a fire finally was lit under my ass. So off to work I go. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Looks good Will! Hope you just didn’t get Rushan to send you the code and you pasted it in there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    If I may point out two things though. First, you gotta figure out why the sidebar’s messing up that first post’s length. It’s much longer than it needs to and if I recall correctly when I was messing with that template there’s somethig with the page layout that it really doesn’t have a sidebar. Instead the page is sectioned off in a way that makes both columns (the post part and the sidebar part) the same length. I hope you know what I mean by that.

    And lastly, maybe it’s just cause my eyes are getting old, but I’ve never been a fan of white text on a black background. It’s really contrasty and hurts my poor eyes. ๐Ÿ™ You should try a light grey or something instead. It’ll blend in much nicer.

    But seriously, good work. Hope you’ve learned a trick or two so that you can do it all on your own soon. =D

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