You know something I really miss? Or perhaps you really miss? When I used to do at least one post per day on this blog. Like back when I had almost zero work to do and I spent 70% of my waking life posting? I still remember waking up one morning, actually I believe it was the morning right before our first Seussical performance and I wrote up a little entry. Yes, back in the days when the sun was bright, the winds warm and friends were all around.

*sigh* Time to read more C#.


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  1. Simply said, C# is like a combination of C++ and Java. It provides some of the power of C++, but is more secure (when used properly) and some features of Java like garbage collection, single inheritance, etc.

    Difference between C++ and C I’m not too sure about to be honest. We never really covered either of those.

    I’m sure to fully understand the differences between the different languages, you’d have to take multi-semester courses.

  2. Yah Seussical:D It looks like we both learned a new language this year.

    Now there is something I would like to hear! Two computer geeks talking to each other in C

    “backslash, backslash, colon, space, ‘this line is for…..”

  3. You know it’s funny cause you’re not too far off Nick. When we’re working on our C# assignment, anyone listening in must think we’re the biggest losers alive.

    “Hey man, you can’t use a while loop. You have to ITERATE through BOTH dimensions of that array”
    “What are you talking about. I’m going to use the while loop checking for out of bounds errors while iterating through the other variable.”

    “How long’s yours? I bet you mine’s shorter”
    “Mine’s 342 lines… with comments. Ha beat that!”
    “Yeah, well mine’s 339 WITH comments. PWNED!!!!!11!!”

    (I defend my right to use creative license in those past two dialogues)

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