Tout Fini!

The 2A semester has come to a close with the final exam earlier today – ECE223 Digital Design. The exam actually wasn’t bad at all. I was worried quite a bit as I had stopped following what was going on in lectures for the latter month or so and didn’t have any clue what was going on in that class in general. Luckily the day or so of studying I did was enough to allow me to do all the questions on the final. I think I did quite well in fact *crosses fingers*.

Soon afterwards, excitement about the trip to Montreal to meet some old friends began to build. So it was with both shock and slight anger that I found out a protest is blocking the rail line from Toronto to Montreal, near Kingston. That’s the same rail line that I was supposed to be taking a little over a day from now. Although the protesters were served with an injunction, they have vowed to stay on the site for 48 hours. Using all the math skills I’ve picked up over the past couple years at university and a start time of Friday afternoon, I deduce a let up mid day Sunday. Unfortunately, that’ll be a little too late to help me. Initially Via Rail was shuttling passengers who had booked tickets by bus. Now they’ve stopped doing that and travelers are left to fend for themselves. What an awful turn of events.

At this point, I’m not certain what I’ll be doing to get to Montreal. Apparently Air Canada is honoring Via Rail tickets to the affected destinations. I’m not sure how that actually works; I merely heard something about it on the radio. I’m going to give Via Rail a call. Hopefully they’ll have made arrangements somehow. If the trips are being canceled, the least they could do is refund my money… Ain’t this just crappy luck. I happened to book a train ticket from Toronto to Montreal and a plane ticket back based on price. And they just had to start the protest now.

Partly balancing out this bit of bad news is some good that came in the way of a Purolator Pak. I’m working next semester at Sybase iAnywhere in Waterloo as a Product Manager (everyone’s a manager these days… :)) and I didn’t find out my salary until I opened up my job offer package. I didn’t ask the interviewers the salary for the job during the interview. So when I chose to take the job back in early March, it was without knowing the pay – a pretty fundamental piece of information. I split a big smile when I saw I’ll be getting paid almost $21/hour. That’s quite a jump from the $16.50/hour or so I earned last work semester.

As for the title? I’ve been adding little bits of francais into my daily speech. Upon reflection, perhaps it was in subconscious preparation for this trip to Montreal…


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  1. Well, you’re going to Bermuda soon, so I think you win overall. You pumped for that? Not everyone gets to move to a vacation spot you know? 😉 Where you working this summer?

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