Toronto Symphony Orchestra – Mahler 3rd

I went out for dinner with a couple people and then to a Toronto Symphony Orchestra rendition of Mahler’s 3rd Symphony at Roy Thompson Hall this past Thursday. What a blast! The TSO is without a doubt the most accomplished classical music group that I’ve ever heard live. Now I can’t pretend to be a Mahler aficionado, but with my limited knowledge of the 3rd, I was very impressed and entertained. I’ve played in several different bands and orchestras, but all at the amateur level. I guess it’s in my naiveté that I was so amazed by the absolute clarity and proficiency with which they performed.

The hall itself was magnificent and even at the very back of the main floor (tickets which I purchased for $12 mind you, via tsoundcheck), viewing was unimpeded and the sound was in no way negatively affected. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and I think all those who’ve attended live concerts can attest to the fact that regardless of how flawless a studio recording may sound, the experience of a live concert just can’t be matched.

I’m already seeking out the next concert to go to. I think it would only be appropriate to attend something I can relate to more, Lang Lang at the piano. I’m still trying to decide whether I can swallow the $80-100 for a decent seat, but I figure it’s not every day that I’ll get a chance to hear a world class pianist in concert.


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  1. Hey Charlie, nice website!

    Mahler is one of my favourites. I heard the TSO was doing a sort of “Mahler-fest,” and I was excited. Sadly I’m not in TO this work term.

    Glad to see there’s another good music fan in our class.

  2. Hi Anson, thanks for the compliment!

    Yeah, I’m a big music fan – played piano for 8 years, so I’d better be. 😉 I see you’re out in California. Where are you working this semester?

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