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Ran into two slow as hell bus drivers today which made me almost miss the bus back home today.

Today was St. Patrick’s Day which meant early exits from work to hit up the bars by quite a few of the people at the job. As the bus was going downtown, I could see huge lines at some of the more popular pubs. (keep in mind this was at around 6PM) Seems like you really do need to go early.

I’ve made it a point in recent weeks to keep on top of all things business, tech and politics. This small conscious effort has allowed me to converse with so many new people o a wide variety of topics. It’s quite nice. I think the full timers are starting to see that I know more than the things I touch and directly surround me.

Additionally, I think I can safely say that blogging has been an actual benefit to me in an academic sense. I recent months, I’ve noticed tangible improvements in my creativity. I think I’m finally starting to do what they call ‘think outside the box’. If what I’ve been experiencing has indeed been that, it’s not as special as they say. You still have to put a lot of thought into things. It’s not like you’re sitting there and all of a sudden a great idea pops into your mind. You still have to set your mind to the task at hand. It’s a great feeling when people are shocked at what you come up with. I used to be strictly the implementer as PDEng would put it. Give me the idea and I’ll run with it. But perhaps, I’m starting to actual create good ideas of my own. For example, I helped a friend come up with a web domain name just yesterday that he instantly loved and registered.

It’s a different feeling when people come to you for ideas when you’ve been so used to going to others for ideas. I think I like it. 🙂

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