The Going Ons

So university’s basically kicking my ass already. We had a math proficiency test tonight, and while not too bad, I could definitely tell my skills are lacking. This was generally medium difficulty math at best and there were some that I hesitated on. I’m gonna really need to buckel down soon. That’s not to mention I’ve already got three assignments due this next week. I mean can you believe it? First week and we’re getting work piling up already. And these assignments aren’t like your 10 question math assignment you get together in the mornings and do. These are pretty challenging to say the least. You remember grade 11 chem with Ms. Likely and us complaining about formatting? That’s nothing. We learned the formatting for chem assignments today and it’s like infinitely more stupid. Then we have to convert a bunch of units, units which I have honestly never worked with like BTUs, dynes, torrs and more.

I’m also now the floor director for our dorm. That means I talk to the people on this floor and help organize events with the 3 other floor reps. I’m definitely gonna try to get involved as much as I can here. It’s definitely not about study, study, study. I need to broaden out. I also found out there’s a piano room here at Village 1. I’ll have to go check that out sometime and tickle the ivories again. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to do that. It’s real sad not having a jazz combo to play with. I miss that the most in my piano.

I also got my email account here at UWaterloo set up. Now I can feel all special when I tell people my email. Like yep, that random amount of cryptic numbers and letters followed by Yep, ahhh, that’s me. I also get some webspace or something on there. So I may consider moving the blog over there and expanding the thing a bit with stuff I can’t add on here. Plus I’m in all these computer programming courses right? So I’ll be able to know what the hell I’m doing. We had our first programming lab today. It was basically the best class I’ve ever had in my schooling life. EVAR I SAY. See this is what it’s all about. Doing something you love. We made a simple program in C#. Something I could’ve easily done with 10 minutes and the internet, but nonetheless we have to start somewhere. At least we aren’t jumping right into class structures or something I don’t know anything about. Let me tell you, there are some hardcore coders there. They’ve taken like multiple programming courses in high school already and whatnot. If they want to go slow for people like me, then I thank them for it.

So I think I’m gonna head off here soon and do some of this kickass physics. And by kickass I don’t mean awesome. I mean like it’s kicking my ass all over the place. I think I can get the answer to most of the questions, but the setup and my logic is all over the place. I’d probably get like half marks on an assignment even if my answer’s right. I’d better get cracking.


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