Well, it’s Friday again and I’ve just finished up packing stuff in preparation to go back to Niagara Falls. It’s been two weeks away from home in a row now and I’m not even homesick. That’s definitely a good sign. However, I’m still very much looking forward to sleeping on my own bed without people coming in and out of my room seemingly constantly while I’m here at Waterloo. I enjoy the bustling activity, but sometimes it’s nice to slow things down and take it easy for a while. That’s not to say I don’t have any work to do for the weekend. Far from that in fact.

I’ve got two physics assignments for next week which are pretty damn tough. I’ve groaned and moaned about physics enough on here, but generally, I’ve got to read my textbook and really get things firgured out. I also have to finish up my C# programming assignment. I’m basically done already, but I have to code up the output part as well as an error checking component. I enjoy that assignment though, so there’s not gonna be too much forced-feeding of that. I also have a calculus and chemistry assignment on top of all that. Basically I have constant assignments in all classes to do. Oh almost forgot to mention that we have to write up a draft technical report for our GENE167 class. It looks somewhat difficult since it has to be laid out in a certain format and the problem we have to solve is tricky. It’s about power conversion and the guage of the wiring we have to use to connect a battery and a power inverter. Essentially, I have no experience with power systems whatsoever so I’ll need to do some research as well. But then again, that’s the whole idea behind this project.

I’ve also been getting more involved in activities around the school outside of academia. I joined up with the ultimate frisbee team for our residence (V1 East 4) as well as recuiting a few guys from East 2 residence. Our first tournament game is actually this weekend so I’ll be missing that, but I’ll be back for the rest of the games. Also, as I said in a previous post, I’m the 1st floor director for East 4. Today, we held elections for our computer engineering class representatives. I was voted in as the rep for my block, which means I represent about 25 people at the First Year’s Office. We actually had to do a short little speech in front of our class of around 130 people and it felt pretty good actually. If there’s one thing outside of scholastics that I want to improve while I’m here, it would be my public speaking skills. I want to build my confidence when speaking infront of lots of people. It’s not that I lack confidence, but whenever I speak to a lot of (relative) strangers, I get nervous. I hope to work on that in the years to come.

So basically I’m just chilling a bit before I go back to Niagara Falls here. I’ve had a pretty long day today and I’m really tired. I’ll get rested up tonight and the rest of the weekend I intend to spend working hard to get things done on and/or ahead of time. To get things done before they’re due really feels nice. I don’t think I’ve really experienced this feeling before in high school since I could cram it into the last day and still do decently. Here, you can’t do that. So you do it earlier. Some better time management is all you need!


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  1. Hey Charlie,
    Just surfing the blogs and realized that I hadn’t read yours for a while. That is not to mean we haven’t been thinking about you and planning where you are going to sleep when you come stay with us next summer. See we can’t wait! Sounds like schools a challenge but definitely one you are up for. We are settling in with FX and Will is really enjoying high school. he is into a lot of activities and the first school dance was last Friday. yes sir it was an eye opener. hope all is well and make sure you stay in touch.

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