Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

So I’m writing this actually in Microsoft Word right now to test out this (relatively) new, aptly named, Blogger for Word. I’m also wearing my contacts for the first time in almost a month and I can’t really see too well. The prescription for the contacts and my normal glasses aren’t the same (stooopid optometrists) so my eyes need some time to adjust. I just put them in about 5 minutes ago so I can’t really tell if I’m writing okay. At least I can see red squiggles if my words are spelled incorrectly. This little application is pretty good I must say. I’ve been doing most of my writings in Word and then copy and pasting over anyways. That’s cause I tend to misspell stuff a lot and Word is special and helps me. :-

I’m soon headed for Niagara on the Lake. I’ve actually never been there even though I’m so nearby. Supposedly it’s a wonderful place, lots of vineyards and beautiful scenery. My parents say it’s the scenery along with the golf courses there that reminds them of PEI. I’ll eager to see if that’s the case. Oh I miss the Island so much.

And it’s now D-Day minus two weeks. D-Day being move in day obviously. Two weeks, geez the summer’s flown by. I’m excited, but at the same time hesitant about what I should expect. Not to mention I still have much to do in preparation like preparing my resume and, doh, still haven’t sent them my ID photo yet. Oops?

I’ll try to get a City Journal entry up sometime either today or tomorrow. The place is growing fairly well and no cheating to make it easier. Lots of fun I must say.

So hope this Blogger for Word works!


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  1. I’ve only worn my contacts maybe once since Seussical. I prefer my glasses but my vision is clearer with contacts. Niagara has changed so so much since I was there when I was 9. Marine Land is just not the same.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m really pumped for University!

  2. university is going to be great, Charlie, think of all the people that you are going to meet and how much time you will be spending together from this point on! I am so fully pumped for you!

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