Update May 26, 2006: Whipped up a new version without LiveSearch or Live Commenting.

Due to popular demand ( 😛 ) I’ve wrapped up the theme I’ve been working on over the past week into a nice little zip file and putting it up for downloading. Hemmed is based off of the Hemingway theme but is a fixed width and adds a small sidebar. It’s now white, gray and blue. I loved Hemingway’s bottom bar which I decided I just had to have. I’ve stripped away the administrator options stuff however. I honestly didn’t feel like tackling that whole part of theming just yet and I needed something quickly for my site redesign. In any case, I may add it back in later on, but for now what I’ve got is working well for me.

Hemmed Theme

The theme is optimized for 800×600 resolution screens and requires a plugin to make it look as good as it can. The LiveSearch sort of broke my XHTML validity, as the autocomplete attribute is, well, not actually a real attribute. That’s the only error I get.

Since the main page uses excerpts, with the default excerpt function, html tags will not be parsed. As a result, any styling you may have for the post content will not show up in your excerpt. This is somewhat problematic, especially if you’ve got lists, links, and whatever else near the top of your post. It just doesn’t look good! Consequently, I’d recommend using the plugin the_excerpt reloaded to get around this little problem. The index.php file will use the_excerpt_reloaded function if it exists (will only exist after you activate the plugin) or revert to the default the_excerpt otherwise.

Another plugin which is useful is the recent comments plugin. There is an if clause in the sidebar.php (really the bottombar) which will enable the block to display recent comments if this plugin is installed. Be aware that you can only fit three modules into the bottom bar for now. I plan on working around that limitation later on. So you can get a view of the demo right here.

The stuff you will definitely need is right here:


I’ve created a new version for the people who have problems with the AJAX features working properly. Hopefully this will fix those issues.


Additionally, if you want those two plugins mentioned above (I’d strongly recommend it), you can get them here:

The Excerpt Reloaded
Recent Comments

If you’ve got any questions or issues with the theme, feel free to leave a comment.

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I’ve just finished polishing off my third WordPress theme, Lessen. It’s a very muted blue and gray two column theme. There’s a lot of rounded-ness for those of you who like that. 🙂 It’s still W3C Transitional XHTML valid just like my first two themes.

Lessen Theme

My three favorite plugins are still supported, ELA, theme switcher and recent comments. As well, a calendar and the relevant CSS styling is included, but as default, the sidebar code is commented out. You can easily put that in if you feel so inclined. The demo for the theme can be seen here. You can download the theme in two formats, zip and rar.


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