Home Once More

Well, this feels different. It’s now been three weeks since I’ve been on this bus with my laptop, writing away. So what’s on the docket for today?

Today was just about the same as yesterday. I started getting tired around 9:30 am and the attention span went downhill from there. The co-ops went out for lunch again today, but I decided to stick around the office instead, since I left early for catch the bus. I somewhat regret that since it was an extremely nice day and we had made reservations for a patio spot. It felt like summer with the sun blazing down, 20C temperature and a nice warm breeze. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

To keep some sort of attentiveness at work, I decided to crank out the old Seussical MP3s that I ripped from the CD about a year ago. That was quite a trip down memory lane. It kept me awake, but I wasn’t really doing any work. I was transported back to those days when I ate, breathed and lived Seussical in some shape or form. I was quite surprised just how many lines I still remember from all those songs. And I can still picture those notes on the page that I played over and over so many times. It also got me thinking about theatre and acting in general.

I can definitely see how theatre or acting would be an extremely enjoyable career. Now I’m not really talking about the bigshot movies or anything. I’m talking about the musicals and plays presented on a stage. It’s the sort of thing where you get one crack at it and only one crack. That rush of adrenaline is quite a feeling. And when the show’s over, that feeling of elation and satisfaction is so very addictive. The way that people grow together through all the hard work and fun is remarkable. I got such a little taste and yet I crave it so. I know a few people who are still at it. You can’t even begin to understand the envy I have for you sometimes. Engineering’s pretty much the opposite of what you’re doing. Don’t see too many musicals put on in engineering firms. 😉

In other news, I’ve become a big fan of Michael Buble’s It’s Time album. I remember listening to it quite some time ago and hating it. Well, for one reason or another, I’d probably have to say it I like it more than his self-titled album. I think it’s because there’s a great mix of big band tunes along with some more mellow ones. Okay, so I’m not a big fan of Home as it’s one of his more ‘poppy’ sounding songs, but the other song of his that seems to get played quite a bit is Save The Last Dance, but I absolutely love that one.

I almost forgot to say I did something awfully flukey today. I had looked up the bust times on the Coach Canada site. I decided I’d take the 4:30pm bus from Kitchener. So I backtracked to see what buses I would need to take to get there in time. After some searching I found I needed to take the 14 down to Conestoga Mall then I’d have 15 minutes until I needed to leave on the iXpress for the Kitchener terminal. I decided I’d spend those 15 minutes at the Bell Mobility store checking out some phones. Well, when I got to the Conestoga on the 14, I saw the iXpress just pull into the terminal. So I thought, ugh, I’ve got this big, heavy bag. I’ll just take this iXpress.

Well, when I actually got down to the Kitchener terminal, I waited only 10 minutes or so before the Coach Canada bus came and left. I made it. But if I had of done what I had intended to at the mall, I would have missed this bus. I’m not exactly sure which bus this is, since I really don’t think they’d just leave 15 minutes early for no reason… I told my parents I’d be in St. Catharines at 7:30pm or so, but I don’t think it’s going to take that long. I still need to ask the drive when we’re actually supposed to arrive in St. Catharines.

Well, that was an awfully long and rambling post, but it’s because I’m bored on this bus. I can hardly wait to eat some home-cooked food and sleep in my own bed. Oh, I’m so tired right now. I’m also hungry. This is probably a good time to break out those two-bite brownies I got just for this occasion. Toodles.

Uncle Sam

It’s that time of year again when all us lucky folks get to fill out those monstrous tax forms. There truly isn’t any such thing as free money. Those tax returns only come after you’ve labored at those tax returns for long periods of time, while pulling out your hair trying to dissect what the enigmatic wording is really trying to tell you. Fortunately my dad already has a nice Excel spreadsheet laid out for doing the taxes. Unfortunately, my university costs and co-op job add another dimension of complexity on top of it all.

I picked up a Canon SD450 digital camera and a 1GB SD card for my grandparents. They’re still using an old school film camera from back in the day and with email and whatnot, it should be a lot easier to send digital pictures as opposed to film ones. The camera’s an updated and more powerful version of my year-old Canon SD200. I’ve been super happy with it so I thought it would be a nice choice for them. It also kind of made me want a new camera… I managed to assuage some of tech craving by (finally) picking up a new mouse. It’s nothing fancy, just a Logitech LX7. It’s one of those optical wireless mice, not even a laser one, but it was 30 bucks or so and my trusty MX500 of almost three years now is finally starting to give way. The buttons are breaking or something. They’re making this weird cracking sound every time I click them now. Hmmmm… now that I think about it, the MX500 does have a 5 year warranty, although I’m pretty sure the receipt would be long gone by now.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Well, this will definitely be belated in the area I’m targeting mostly (PEI), but nonetheless, it’s still Valentines for me, at least for another.. 19 minutes.

It also marks just about the middle of the semester. It’s pretty shocking that I’m half way through my work term already and for all you lucky people out there, half way through your second semester, meaning summer break is creeping up. I’m somewhat torn actually. Work terms are definitely a big break from school and it almost feels like a summer break comparatively. There’s so little that must be done outside of work. So once I’m done at 5PM or whatever, I get the whole night to do what I want, not that assignment I know must be done.

Then again, I’m looking forward to the resumption of classes since all those people I know will be returning. And while it’s probably going to be the worst thing in the world to have to study in the summer (I heard the first summer term is absolutely brutal from upper year students. Only a few seemed to like it.) it’s going to be awesome to be around all those people in the summer when we can actually do stuff outside as opposed to the winter when it’s generally brutally cold. I walked about 15 minutes across campus yesterday and I probably came the closest I’ve ever come to actually getting frostbite.

Mmmmm… I’m rambling since there’s really not much to say. And I decided I’m allowed to ramble in this blog again since I’m splitting the tech content out to another blog.

Oh, right. I remember. Happy Valentine’s Day! Betcha don’t know how it really started…

To Make My Life Sound Interesting

This is going to the first of a couple things I want to get down before I go to bed tonight. It’s been only really one day a bit since my last update, but it feels like much longer for some odd reason. I may not get to post too much in the upcoming days since I’ll be moving back to Waterloo on the 2nd and I start work on the 3rd. I’m sure I’ll have my hands full.

I’ll be honest here. I feel somewhat alien out here in Niagara Falls. In fact, tomorrow will probably be the first New Year’s Eve in a long time that I’ll spend with the family. I’ve got no where else to be really. Now I’m not saying that being with the family’s not a good thing. Far from it since I don’t spend that much time with them during most of the year now. But the fact it, New Years is a time I’ve always spent with friends. It’ll be different not doing that this year. I know there are others in much the same position, some without even family to spend it with, so I should be grateful for that.

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