Conservative Minority Government

Enough results are in that the CBC has predicted a minority Conservative government led by Stephen Harper in Canada. This is great news; the previously dysfunctional parliament can now be re-organized into something that can effectively lead the country.

Oh wait…

I predict Michael Ignatieff will become the new Liberal leader, parliament will be as dysfunctional as before and in two years, we’ll have another election.


For the past several days, I’ve been fascinated by a FRONTLINE series on the war in Iraq, entitled “Bush’s War”. I’ll leave the pro/anti-war discussion out of this snippet, but regardless of position, the internal political power struggles that occurred are very interesting.

I’m very glad this series was made available for consumption on the web.

Liberals Win in PEI?!

I just across this link while perusing my RSS feeds: P.E.I. Liberals win big. When I was still living on the Island, they were a small little group – only 4 members of the Liberals formed the opposition to the dominant Progressive Conservatives, led by Pat Binns. Robert Ghiz was seen as too young, too inexperienced. But my, it’s been many years now and soon he’ll be following in his father’s (Joseph Ghiz) footsteps as the Premier of Prince Edward Island.